Joe Biden’s Very Weird COVID Press Conference

On Tuesday, Joe Biden gave a press conference that was a lot of nonsense, where Biden sounded like he was speaking to little children and not a country of sovereign citizens. Biden offered nothing at all intelligent about a virus that has crippled life in the United States. Instead, he acted haughty and condescending toward … Read more

Counterculture: Conservatives Are The New “Dope Souls”

Ben Bergquam reported from Turning Point USA’s Arizona event this week, AmFest, and had a significant update on the state of Conservative politics; Young people are getting into it. The event hosted exciting speakers who inspired many new people to be a proponent of small government- also called Conservatives. In the video below- Bergquam is … Read more

Just The Facts: Durham Looking At Hillary Clinton And FBI

Numerous people were involved in a hoax intended to take down a presidential candidate, then later a sitting president of the United States. As of yet, there have been very few consequences for the worldwide alliance to commit that fraud- even though we have a Special Counsel dedicated to bringing us justice. And the American … Read more