Fake AP Poll About Catholic Church Shows Only 30% Of Respondents Were Actually Catholic

There is a prominent, decades-long propaganda movement by the left and their media allies to weaken the American church and to demonize church leadership and congregants. The purpose of this is, frankly, Communists and Marxists historically go after the church in all of their revolutions- to destroy the power of faith in God. Without faith … Read more

Charity Fraud Fuels America’s ‘Managed Decline’: Here Is Austin Texas Style Fraud

Listen- the left and the uniparty use fake charity nonprofits, political PACs and Non-Government Organizations to funnel money- from Lord knows where- around to different activist groups for the purpose of ushering in a Marxist revolution- and so they marginalize true American grassroots political activism against the growing Marxist influence in America. When you start … Read more