Red Flag Furry: Open Letter To Thom Tillis From NC 2A Grassroots

US Senate Thom Tillis (RINO-NC) refuses to stop hurting people with his abuse of power- as he gleefully slams more Americans who trusted him to represent voters. Tillis, a money-grubbing, fame-seeking leftist- dressed up as a Republican- has never demonstrated any respect for American civil liberties. Now Tills has decided to support an unconstitutional power … Read more

Southern Border Explodes With Massive Migration

The Southern Border Explodes With Migration sees the largest number of migrants ever encountered by CBP under Joe Biden’s watch. CBP “encountered” 239,416 migrants along the southwest land border in May, according to government sources. ABC reported on Thursday: The U.S. saw the largestĀ number of migrantsĀ arrested or encountered along the southern border since Customs and … Read more

“I get Into Trouble For Telling People The Truth About Tribal Involvement With The Cartel,” Law Enforcement said.

Ben Bergquam, the host of Real America’s Voice show about the Biden Disaster on the border- Law and Border- interviewed an expert in law enforcement who talked about how the criminal illegal crossing in his area has impacted his community and how his sector of Tuscon is perilous for Americans. Talking about the assistance that … Read more