Gov. Abbott Won’t Stop Human Smuggling In Texas That Is Getting Into The Country, Even Though He Signed EO

Ben Berguam, the lead investigative reporter for Real Americas Voice, spoke with Steve Bannon live from the Southern Border in Del Rio, Texas, and made several statements that all of the media would cover if they were trying to serve the American public. “It is shocking what is going on there,” Bannon told Bergquam. “Abbott … Read more

“Coming to a Community Near You”, Bergquam Shows Reality Of People Crossing Illegally Getting Beer and Ice Cream

In a further investigation of the people he saw crossing the United States Southern border illegally, Ben Bergquam exposed the following actions of migrants after being picked up and transferred to a gas station. We covered the story of one migrant who explained to Ben and his Spanish-speaking interpreter last week that they had gotten … Read more

Unbelievable! Bergquam Looks For “Opressed Voters” At Leftist Voter Rights Rally And Smashes Leftist’s Racism

On Saturday, Ben Bergquam attended a rally in Austin, Texas, organized by Community Organizer William J. Barber and former presidential candidate “Beto” O’Rouke. The theme was Voter’s Rights and the speakers and participants spoke about protesting people who were oppressed and had their votes suppressed. “We couldn’t find one person at the rally who would … Read more