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Reports from the field were that thousands of people had made their way to Kentucky, to a school called Asbury University, to stand in line for a chance to participate in what attendees are calling a good old-fashioned revival of the Holy Spirit. It is so well attended that alternative sites around the hare are makeshift prayer chapels as well, and the school has set up a streaming service to serve the interest of the public.

The revival is on Day 13.

Will Johnson, the founder of Unite America First, was on the scene on Monday and reported that he spoke to a married couple who had made it halfway in line, standing for 4 hours to enter the chapel area where a group of worshipers had been singing praises and giving testimonies for close to 300 hours.

Updates on Sunday night were that the area had to be shut down for a few hours due to the increasing amount of interest. New sites were being added for overflow and a live streaming service was added, according to a press release from the university where the Revival started:

Live videos by the hundreds were posted on social media giving people a personal look at what was unfolding:

Influencers turned their timelines into live updates for readers:

People posted their experiences at the site- on facebook, and groups of posters gathered to experiences what they could from their homes:

Francias Fancuso reported on Facebook:


“I am very grateful to report this revival is what everyone in the prayer meetings have been desiring to see. This was birthed through Gen-Z (25 & under). Now it is igniting the older generations as we have been discussing in spiritual bootcamp meetings. I am overwhelmed, seniors were in tears as what they have been praying for has been revealed by God. Revival is here! This is completely Holy Spirit led. No foolishness. Yesterday from day to night we worshipped. Souls came to the altar without a preacher or altar call. It was simply the praises of glorification to God drawing them in. As I arrived in Asbury my first five minutes in an Uber the Lord used me to lead my driver to Christ. With Jesus Revolution being released it’s going to be exactly like the original thought, the dams of revival are breaking. Nothing to critique, what is here in Kentucky is pure.”

And another testimonial about the event:

Rob Kastelic is feeling blessed at Asbury University.

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My journey to the Asbury Revival on 2/18/23- A testimony

I’ve been following the revival since day one and something came upon me that’s indescribable. A feeling of urgency. Almost as the Holy Spirit tapping me on the shoulder to get my attention. I had to go and go now.

I had no plan. No reservations. I threw a few nondescript clothing items in a bag, entered the address in maps and started following for 6 hours. I didn’t stop. I had enough gas to get there.

For perspective and to visualize…the campus is in the Kentucky countryside. I was on a country road crisscrossing a beautiful stream that followed me for miles as I pass stunning farms and horse land. I take a left over the creek for last time and I see a sea of cars and people. Immediately my emotions started welling. There was a force that I felt immediately and I certainly couldn’t contain my excitement. This campus is simply part of the town. There is no start to campus or the town, they are intertwined. So beautiful in its simplicity.

I had no idea where to go other than “follow the music”. Imagine thousands of vehicles added to the daily bustle and grind with no facilities to accommodate. It all worked seamlessly. After about a short 5 minute walk I start to see a line and and I finally see the main square outlined by the auditorium and several chapels. It was breathtaking. I stopped at the intersection and took it all in. People were coming from every direction. Not just a few. Not a dozen. Hundreds were streaming into the square to join thousands that were already worshiping. I crossed the street to be in the hub of action and felt dizzy. I fell to my knees and started crying uncontrollably. I was overwhelmed with joy. Within seconds, many folks put their hands on me and prayed. This feeling of awe happened to many, so it was common to see groups of people praying together over someone that was a bit overwhelmed. I knew then that I was home, so to say.

I moved over to the main gathering point in the square between the auditorium and chapels. Must have been a consistent 2-3,000 people singing and praying. There were big screens and speakers to hear the main worship that was held in the auditorium. This is where this movement started and where everyone desires to praise. The pull to this building is biblical. You want to be in that auditorium. You will wait for hours upon hours, but it doesn’t matter as you’re passing time with believers. The people that gathered to be here are you and me. Regular folks that simply love God. No celebrities or news stations. No pomp. No circumstance. Nothing for sale. No slick preacher in a tailored suit. It was you & me. We just wanted to raise our hands in praise. It was the students that primarily ran the worship. There was worship intertwined with individual testimonies that were so very special. There were people of all ages and ethnicities. The faces is what I’ll remember. Expressions filled with hope, relief, joy, tears, smiles, redemption, peace & love. One race, one family of God.

I walked across the street to get in line to worship in the Estes Chapel. I love to meet people and I’m in my element surrounded by folks that wouldn’t leave if I over talked. 😊 A captive audience if you will. Directly in front of me were families from England & Mexico City. Behind me were 5 college age gals from Nebraska. They drove without rest, trading driving while they sang and laughed. Everyone felt called to come. We couldn’t explain it. None of us made plans for lodging. We just answered the call to gather without a plan. We laughed as we realized we all might be sleeping in our cars, but we knew that God would provide. My wait was only about 90 minutes and as I entered the chapel I felt God’s presence immediately. I was ushered to an open seat and my tears started again. The pure joy was overwhelming. Something I’ve never experienced. I knew God was here. As I simply praise God with others, I felt a calling to come to the altar. I knelt and started to cry uncontrollably as I felt years of struggle, addiction, repentance & redemption come to a defining moment. I may be at the revival to praise God, but he knew that I needed him. I was almost hyperventilating as I cry and I feel one person hugging me, then two and three. We all were crying as beautiful souls prayed over me. I don’t know how long I was kneeling at the alter, but I do know that nobody left my side till I gained my composure. Love & acceptance encompassed me. Pure unadulterated love filled my senses. In this moment, I felt forgiven. I felt redeemed.

I came to Asbury to honor God & God let me know that I’m forgiven.

Did I experience a revival at Asbury?

Absolutely! This is a beginning of a spiritual revolution. This is ordinary people from across the globe gathering in small town Kentucky to shout out the name of “YAHWEH” in praise.

Knowing we are not alone. We were 20,000 on 2/18/23. This is one day! We are spreading the word of God exponentially. We are not about Methodist, Pentecostal, Baptist, Catholic, etc.







It is time for the movement of revival and to experience the glory & power of God.

We’ve had enough of the evils of this world.

IT IS TIME! 🙏❤️☮️

I humbly thank the students of Asbury University as you did it. You! You are bringing this world together. Hold your head high and keep spreading the word. Love & respect y’all!

Robert Kastelic

Independent media reported people with uplifted hands singing praises, standing in long lines to participate in community and people traveling from all over the world to witness the transformation taking place in people’s hearts and minds:

You tub channels sere set up to provide viewers with an inside look:


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