Andy Ngo Busts NPR Propagandist for Akron Riot Lies, as Police Defend Themselves

Akron Police reported to local Ohio 19 News that officers dispersed a chemical irritant into the large group of protesters Wednesday night after rioters grew increasingly violent toward officers and threw rocks and bottles at officers in uniform.

Representatives from the mob reported to the news that they were just being peaceful, which is not backed up by video footage taken by independent sources. , which was the angle 19 News was going with obviously pushing a narrative about the protestors that they were peaceful, which was not true.

“Lieutenant Michael Miller with the Akron Police Department says they can’t just disperse chemicals because someone is marching because they have a First Amendment right to peacefully protest,” 19 News reported, adding:

“On a video posted on social media, you can hear officers telling protesters to get out of the street and stop blocking traffic, and get on the sidewalk it’s unclear if that’s actually why police and protesters were at odds, 19 News oddly reported, because no one else was ‘unclear’ about what was happening.

Bergguam posted one video that was posted on Twitter showing that the crowd was not peaceful at all:

Ngo reported more about what happened, showing footage of police spraying rioters for being violent and throwing projectiles:

Following up with more details about the conflict, Ngo then revealed that there was coordination with leftist journalist who claimed to be a victim as well after spreading misinformation:

Here is where he calls her out:

The leftist media is instrumental and works as PR agents for the destructive left. There can be no better evidence than what Ngo and Bergquam have seen.

News 5 Cleveland reported the details with a little different twist:

Some Akron business owners are waking up Thursday morning to find their properties damaged, with windows at several downtown restaurants broken and glass scattered across the sidewalk.

The damage comes just hours after police had to use pepper spray to disperse a crowd of protesters demanding justice for Jayland Walker.

Wally Waffle, Irie Jamaican Kitchen and Chipotle all have broken windows from rocks being thrown, and shards of glass are littering Market Street.

The building manager told News 5 off-camera he is dismayed and disappointed.

Wally Waffle confirmed on Facebook it will open just three hours late at 10 a.m. Thursday in spite of the damage.

There were groups who were advising people to remain peaceful with protesting:

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