Backstory: Why Rep. Tim Burchett’s Used Stall Tactics on Joe Biden at SOTU

Rep. Tim Burchett’s Unconventional Exchange with President Biden Sparks Curiosity

People who tuned in to Thursday’s State of the Union address with Democrat Joe Biden were left puzzled by the peculiar behavior of Republican US Representative Tim Burchett from Tennessee.

Burchett’s prolonged conversations with Biden as the embattled President made his way through the greeting line of Congress members raised eyebrows ahead of the speech. They left many wondering what transpired during their interactions.

“Let me tell you, he is completely clueless. He doesn’t know what is going on,” Burchett said, setting up the segment on the WarRoom program with Steve Bannon, recalling the whole conversation.

Appearing on the Friday morning program, Burchett shed light on the amusing yet somewhat embarrassing exchange between himself and Biden. In his characteristic style, Bannon pressed Burchett for an explanation, referring to Biden’s repeated engagements with him.

“You know the Warren Posse loves you, and you are one of the biggest stars we have. That is why they were searching for you, and they were surprised when they saw you rubbing up on Joe Biden two or three times. Then he went to talk to you again. So, please explain this one to his sir,” Bannon said to Burchett.

Burchett began by humorously remarking on Biden’s purported limited time due to medication, suggesting he had been informed that the President had approximately 55 minutes to spare before he started to be confused and angry.

“I mean, you know, he’s medicated, and he has a very limited time; a member told me of the medical profession and the Democratic Party that he probably had about 55 minutes. So Matt, Gaetz, who was standing beside me, says Burchett, do want to your endless stories,” Burchett said, adding:

“So I leaned over to him and told him that my brother used to have a 1972 Chevy Corvette. Then he responded and said yeah? And I said a girl asked me out one time to a Sadie Hawkins dance, and so my brother let me take the car out. So that was 1980. And then I said, I peeled out in the parking lot of Brunswick billiards.”

Watch the Burchett-Biden exchange:

Burchett went on to recount a series of seemingly random anecdotes he shared with Biden, including stories about a 1972 Chevy Corvette and chocolate chip ice cream, which seemed to captivate the President’s attention momentarily.

The conversation took an unexpected turn when Biden reportedly asked for Burchett’s wife’s phone number, leading to some lighthearted banter.

But not everything was funny about Biden.

Burchett went on to express his constituents’ frustrations with the current administration, painting a starkly different picture from Biden’s optimistic portrayal during his speech.

Watch his latter remarks on the topic:

According to Burchett, the working-class people he interacts with regularly from his district express concerns about the economic challenges they face under Biden’s administration. He emphasized the importance of addressing issues such as border security and fiscal responsibility, urging President Trump to focus on these issues to secure victory in the upcoming elections.

However, Burchett did not mince words when critiquing his own party’s handling of fiscal matters, highlighting the need for a more assertive approach in Congress. He called for a stronger stance, suggesting that shutting down the government could be a viable strategy to address pressing issues such as border security.

More of Burchett’s comments:

Burchett expressed gratitude towards Bannon for providing a platform to convey his message and connect with his constituents, as the War Room is a growing epicenter for the Populist movement.

As the political landscape continues to evolve moving forward toward the 2024 general election, Burchett’s unconventional encounter with Biden shows that Biden is in for some unconventional campaign tactics from his opponents.

Watch the full War Room interview with Bannon:

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