Bannon Daily: Moment of Truth about Netanyahu- War Room, Ep. 3084 and 3085

Saturday, Oct. 7, 2023, War Room opened with disturbing war scenes from Israel of attacks on the citizens in the street in what Bannon called a “military assault in the Holy Land that has to be healthy with’, saying that it is “not a good thing,” and also offering surprising commentary about the actions of the leader of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu, toward President Donald Trump.

While Bannon talked about Israel, his focus continues to be saving the American Republic and highlighting the importance of the race for Speaker of the House- due to the urgent importance of decreasing government spending and what it means for the future if we don’t get that done.

Bannon laid caution about funding Israel’s wars, an admitted ally to the US, any further- out of his concern for putting the needs of the US Citizens first. Bannon specifically cited his concerns about the US Border, where funding is needed for national security- especially since so many foreign- military men have made their way into the United States and could be getting ready to attack the United States.

History, as Bannon knows well, shows that we are being invaded and no one in the government seems at all concerned about that while they focus on giving money away to Ukraine and now Israel, on top of massive corrupt domestic funding.

Bannon, an advocate of the forgotten men and women in politics, showed that working-class and middle-class Americans are being gaslit about who is causing chaos in the country and who are the stabilizing factors in the country- and it is not who the left and the media say it is- either.


Bannon, on Saturday’s show, highlighted what he said were major threats or priorities to the United States that he thought people should stay focused on:

Security at the US Border

Debt that the Government is creating

Funding Ukraine

MONEY QUOTE: “The restrictions of the world’s global markets put their restrictions on you. [1:20:00] Talking about the problems with the massive Fed, creating unproductive debt, and the economic losses as we have now. 

INSIDE BASEBALL: Bannon talked extensively about the emerging Israel conflict, the implications for America to be burdened with their funding,  and his knowledge of how Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu treated President Trump, which was somewhat unknown to many Trump supporters. 

Bannon talked about Jim Jordan’s appearance on Sean Hannity, saying that the push to hide the member’s vote for Speaker behind closed doors was his top focus for the rest of the weekend. (SEE FOOTAGE


Bannon referred to: 

The Kulaks 

Kulak originally referred to former peasants in the Russian Empire who became wealthier during the Stolypin reform of 1906 to 1914, which aimed to reduce radicalism amongst the peasantry and produce profit-minded, politically conservative farmers. 

The Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire was one of world history’s mightiest and longest-lasting dynasties. This Islamic-run superpower ruled large areas of the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and North Africa for more than 600 years.

The Persian Armies 

The Persian Army was divided into regiments, a thousand men strong. These were called hazarabam, meaning “a thousand.” The hazarabam was split into ten sataba of a hundred men, which were further divided into units of ten called dathaba. At each level of this command structure, the team had its leader.

The Opium Wars

Between 1839 and 1842, British forces fought a war in China that benefitted drug smugglers. Their subsequent victory in the conflict opened the lucrative Chinese trade to British merchants.


Jack Psobeic 

Ben Harnwell

Dave Bratt 

Mike Lindell

Ben Bergquam


Episode 3084: Open Combat In Israel and

Episode 3085: In The Country Of The Blind

[7:00] Psobeic on the battles in Israel: “This is a massive terrorist strike, a multi-pronged attack into Gaza and Southern Israel. With coordinated weapons. Hezbollah is testing borders to move into Israel as well.”

Bannon: “This is about a military strike and 6 Billion that Biden gave them. How much of this is black-marketed weapons and the money to the mullahs?”

Psobeic talked more about his personal investigating, tracking of weapons and how people said that the money Biden gave Iran would be used for kidnapping, which is happening. “They want violence. They want to be proved so the Middle East will declare the final war on Israel. Every country in the Middle East is saying Israel has proved this. Kolhemini has congratulated Hamas.”

[12:00] Bannon talked about the problems with the US having many military-aged men who can not be tracked, who are in the US at this time because of the Southern Borders.

[13:30] Bannon and Psobeic talked about some problems with Netenyhau not always being supportive of Trump.

“He was the first world leader to congratulate Biden,” Psobeic said about Netanyahu.

“Netanyahu could not wait to congratulate Biden and is trying to do a deal with the CCP. If you are going to be an ally- be an ally,” Bannon said, returning people to focus back on the Speaker’s race.

[16:00] “We spend a lot of money on Isreal National Defense; how did they get caught off guard?” Bannon asked, showing where his focus was.

[20:00] Bannon talked about the history of the Ottoman Empire- and how often other countries call for American assistance in their wars, and how strange it is that even though the left is discovering their fears about open borders, and they are talking about the Southern Border all of a sudden- they are not thinking about the funding for the wall going out to other countries. 

We have three threats.

National Debt

Invasion on border

Geopolitics, Ukraine 

“The KGB and CCP are partners. What more can we send to Israel- Bibbi threw off MAGA even after the embassy was moved.  Yes, they are an ally- but us- just running over there is over. They are wealthy people. Why is it always us who has to pay? Bannon said. (RUMBLE LINK “Why Is It Always Us?”: Steve Bannon Questions Why The World’s Problems Are America’s To Solve)

Bannon talked about his focus: “And what are they working on in DC? Giving aid to Ukraine. We need to have a moment of truth, no more knee-jerk reaction. Why don’t they say they stand with America?

This is a paramilitary operation; where are the IDF and their intelligence in the area? Bannon asked.

[26:00] Trump provided stability. This is the other side of WW3, and now there is chaos.

[27:00] Posobeic “I could go for some mean tweets,” he said, discussing how the map looks with conflicts and battles and how things would have been different under President Trump.

“We are under a chemical attack with the CCP pushing their fentanyl– and it is the reverse of the opium war, which is coming up through our Southern Wall area. We are not throwing blind money into Israel anymore,” Bannon added, returning to his priority- the Southern Border crisis. 

[30:00] “These are Persian armies coming in on a pincher move,” Bannon said, going back and forth about what was unfolding in Israel. 

[31:00] Psobeic: “This is the 4th turning,” he said, describing the book’s book’s details, The Fourth Turning.  “They are going around settling scores,” he said, talking about all the open conflicts.

[36:00] “They are all working together- the KGB, the CCP and the Persians. How did they get caught by surprise? They are taking hostages- this is open combat, and how did we get here? The forces of chaos are all around you, Bannon said.”We need to hold on about funding.”

[40:00] “It is always the United States that gets brought into these conflicts that spin out of control.” (RUMBLE LINK Steve Bannon: “You Are The Sources Of Stability In This Country”)

We have to think it through. Israel should be tough, but we have to prioritize. The invasion on the Southern border is terrible. The left wants hundreds of millions of illegals here. We had a month in September where 26 combat divisions comparison came through our walls.  In contrast, with all the allies in WW2, there were 150,000 men on D-day, and 100,000 more than that went through the border.

“There are sleeper cells and starting to jump up, ” according to Todd Bensmen. We have dark days ahead- and will the world come help? Where will NATO be the people who got us into Ukraine and are working here this weekend on Ukraine?: Bannon said, again returning the Speaker battle with a new purpose to address the new funding demands from Israel. Jim Jordan is not good enough,” Bannon said. 

[45:00] “Now that you have a taste of power- you are saying no more. And you are going to know that Netanyahu is like the Murdocks. Have you seen any of the hatred aimed at Trump, aimed at any of the issues like the Southern Border? Bannon said, talking also about US Rep. Nancy Mace who flipped hard on McCarthy.  Bannon noted that there were gasps on the floor at the time that Mace cast her vote.

Jordan needs to answer DC Draino’s questions. 

“Now they are only working on changing the rules for the Speaker to go behind closed doors.”

[48:00] Bannon talked about the tweet from House Speaker McHenry, who wrote that he was standing with Israel as his first tweet since he took the position.   How about America stand with her citizens? Bannon said, calling him a “Neoliberal Neocon” and just another face of the radical democrat.” McHenry’s Tweet.

[53:00] Bannon talked about the money we have spent on Ukraine, saying that is part of this over-funding of wars.

[55:00] Ben Harnwell talked about the Stars and Stripes article re: Ukraine weapons. Investigating is needed. How did they end up with Hamas? ARTICLE HERE

Bannon referred to a London Financial Times article that showed concern over gangs that are getting out of control and getting weapons from the black market out of Ukraine. Article Here

Episode 3084: Open Combat In Israel

Episode 3085: In The Country Of The Blind

[1:02:00] The Second half of the show opened with a clip of Rick Santilli talking about economics; Bannon talked about what Santilli said and about the history of the country,  including from 1981, what is different from now.  Santilli made predictions that were shocking to the panel. 

Bannon emphasized that Santilli said that treasury rates are going to go up to 13%- and the away from the clip was that the Government spending was out of control. 

In Trump’s second term, he will be heroic. This gets back to the railhead of the problem- the government spending. There is nothing productive about what they are doing. It burdens people- there is nothing productive. 

“Guns and Butter didn’t work, and Saudis had to rethink the Petrodollars,” he said. 

[1:08:00]”There is no business being discussed here,” Dave Brat said and talked about 10-year and 40-year bonds, betting there would be no inflation. So how could this have been constructed? The Federal reserve created this monstrosity, Bratt said.  (RUMBLE LINK You Don’t Have Any Talk About The Real Economy: Brat Discusses The Elites’ Disillusion With Reality)

Bannon said: This video is a signal of what the fight is.  Santilli is telling you that if we don’t get a handle on this spending, it is disastrous. We are not going to be able to pay off the principle of the debt. This could be at the beginning of a Global Margin Call, which is essential.  And what is happening to Tiwain and CCP chips is important. That is why the Speaker’s race is important.  

[According to Nerd Wallet A margin call happens when an investor is forced to quickly come up with cash to cover debt incurred while trading. This generally results from a drop in the market value of assets, such as stocks, that have been used as collateral for loans.)

[1:14:00] Bannon talked about the Jim Jordan clip on Sean Hannity again- talking about the Speaker fight and how Jordan wants another CR, which Bannon and Bratt do not agree with.

“The war room gave you leverage points, like the Debt ceiling that you backed McCarthy on. Shut down the government. Could it get any worse? Look at Biden: give the mullahs 6 Billion dollars, and how they immediately go and start shooting innocent people in the streets. They have Biden unlimited funds for a 1% cut. What a great trade,” Bannon said in response to watching Jordan’s Hannity clip. 

[1:20:00] Bannon referred to the power of the War Room audience, “They are still freaked out about you and what you did; the story is Urkaine,” Bannon said- and revisited the New York Times cover from Friday. 

[1:24:00] Talked about Black Market weapons and Jennifer Griffen’s statement about Trump’s statement. 

“We have enough problems. They dragged us into Ukraine, and everyone’s lives are going to get smaller.  You have to make this link between money and power.  They want to give you shiny toys to chase to keep you preoccupied,” Bannon said.  

“You are not the chaos. You are the Kulocks,” Bannon said.

Bannon talked about the history of the American Revolution and tied together a number of current developments with lots of history. (RUMBLE LINK “Borders, Debt, And Geopolitics”: Steve Bannon Dives Into MAGA’s Top Priorities)

“We are being invaded,” he said again. “And now they want to be secret with their vote for the Speaker.”

“Back to the Budget- people want to see where the money is going,” Bannon said. 

“Netanyahu spit in Trump’s face and went with Murdock when they stole the election.  He is no friend of MAGA,” Bannon reminded the audience.  

Brat talked about the Santilli clip. “People have to make tough calls and be the anti-Santa Clause and take some stuff away.  We are in an addiction,” Bannon said. 

[1:35:00]With all of the Military Spending we send them, how was the attack in Israel a surprise- remember the lecturing that the American intel gave Trump, and yet they were caught by surprise? Unleash the dogs of war, but this can not be the old days. We are allies, not going to do their bidding. More than any administration ever- but Netenyhaua spit in Trump’s face,” Bannon said. “I am worried about the Border.”

[1:39:00] Ben Bergquam from Iowa rally. (RUMBLE LINK Ben Bergquam Live From Iowa)

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