Bannon Fact Checked Over Rate Hikes: ‘Americans Are Furious’ About Fed , True or Not?

Steve Bannon, the host of the War Room, told his audience on Friday that Americans are furious over the latest administrative state discussion about inflation because people were awakening, through a fog of corporate media gaslighting, to the fact that the government is causing the problems that make Americans suffer. Bannon said that Republicans are as much to blame for it as Democrats.

And Bannon was telling the truth.

“Every constituent is furious about the federal spending is, that’s the number one thing, and the central element of what’s driving this inflation with all the supply chain stuff and everything else. This is all driven by the Biden regime and by the way the Republicans, the Rhino Senators and House members are going along with it,” Bannon said, adding that he knows feedback from constituents from back home is making a difference in their mindset, however.

Posters reported on social media that they were outraged and sick of the drama.

Here is how many people see it:

President Donald J. Trump was the most Job-making President in recent history, and that should mean something to Americans who want to raise their families in peace and people who would like to pay their bills and have a good quality of life.

On Thursday, he was arrested for the fourth time over questioning the suspicious election results in 2020. That is the thanks he got for looking out for the American people who don’t live to be dependent on the US Government.

Read our coverage of Trump’s arrest.

On Friday, the Fed’s spokesman- Jay Powell- announced- in a long and highly complex statement- that Americans need to get ready for more problems and less quality of life. More federal spending to try to fix the mess the Democrats and Never-Trumpers have made, which is ironic for a member of the Administrative State to say on the day after Trump, whose America First agenda had given the American people great prosperity, was arrested and forced to have a Mug Shot taken for Maoist style humiliation.

Here is how the media covered the speech:

Bannon, a financial expert accustomed to seeing the economic elite in progress, talked about the political landscape on Friday’s War Room and broke down the boring details of Powell’s speech to encourage his viewers to get into the complex battle- SIMPLY- by contacting their Congress Critters and telling them to stop federal spending.

Bannon also told his viewers that a government shutdown was looming over this issue, and he warned his viewers that US Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Speaker of the House, needs to get his head around shutting down the government in September if that is what it takes to stop the mismanagement of the country.

But McCarthy appears to be dragging his feet, so McCarthy needs to know how angry the American people are, too.


Bannon was right about furious Americans. Check out the comments by people watching Powell:

Americans got knocked by the Federal Reserve one day after the announcement that the Department of Justice would again to protect illegal aliens’ ability to work in the US which is a total slap in the face and shows the need for Americans to engage with their citizenship and defend their liberty- or get ready to lose it. Calling and voting is what people need to do:

WATCH Bannon on the War Room and visit for more.

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