Ben Bergquam Is Back On The Road To Say: ‘Take The Masks Off!’

Ben Bergquam, a reporter for Real America’s Voice and founder of Frontline America, is back on the road reporting a tragic accident involving his whole family earlier in the Summer. In a recent video, he is exposing the hypocrisy of forcing Americans to wear face masks.

Good news: Ben’s wife and children are recovering well enough to allow Ben to travel. Ben’s injuries are almost completely healed, so he is back on the road to bring America essential stories. Watch here for updates.

“In Chicago O’hare, this is how stupid our society has become,” Berquam said.

#RejectTheLeft! #SecureTheBorder! And take off the stupid masks! By-The-Way, people love my outfit here! #Trump2024orBefore #FreeNotSheep Support the mission at:

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