Ben Bergquam Outlines the Perfect Biden Polices to Destroy America, “CCP Couldn’t do it Better”

Just in time for a new episode of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, Ben Bergquam is breaking more stories about the actual situation at the border with real-live footage and interviews of people who are bypassing the US immigration process to get into the nation assisted by incomprehensible open border policies of Democrat Joe Biden.

Bergquam has the proof that illegal migrants are crossing on footbridges he calls “Cartel bridges” over the Colorado River, and the government can see the bridges but does nothing to remove the structures because the truth is the government is assisting a massive invasion into our countryside.

Bergquam appeared on the War Room program with Steve Bannon on Friday to report from the border and talk about the bridges and the enclaves of migrants in the surrounding area, full of people from very far away distances.

From Bergquam’s reports, it is easy to understand why it appears as if the Biden administration and their supporters are intentionally trying to destroy our country’s system of law and order.

Here is some of what Bergquam told Bannon:

“It was 115 to 120 degrees yesterday, and that’s in the shade. I’m kind of right at the crossroads. Gila Bend is right at the crossroads from Yuma, down to where we’re going next and you will not believe what I’m going to show you at our next stop later in the next hour.”

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Bergquam went on to describe the situation that is very different from what the government is saying:

“This is absolutely, it’s being overrun; it’s all a lie. And what’s the worst part about this? These guys are traitors to our country. As Frank Gaffney just said they’ve sold out to China, their Traders with China. They sold out our country on our border.

“You see it every single day, everything that you see is a lie coming from Washington DC and I have the best way I could explain this. Steve, if I were the cartels, if I were the CCP, if I were the enemies of America, I wanted to create policies that would destroy America. I would do exactly what Washington DC is doing right now,” Bergquam said, adding his points talking about how Biden was gaming the system to help people set up new homes in the US from surprising places:


A new episode of Law and Border will explore these topics even more:

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