Bergquam Goes Balistic! Starts Talking About Crack Smokers At The White House!

Ben Bergquam got fired up when he was at the White House on Tuesday,but not like the people smoking crack from their free ‘Democrat Black History Month Crack Pipes’… just in the way people get fired about when defending their liberty in the greatest Republic in the world!

“SHUT THE BORDER JOE!” Bergquam yelled toward the White House, and at the Resident there- Democrat Joe Biden. “Stop demonising people at the border!” he said. “Stop demonizing truck drivers, Joe.”

Bergquam has spent the better part of the last year- when not recovering from double pneumonia- bringing Americans stories about Truck drivers and law enforcement at the border.

And on this day, Bergquam was ready to defend the Americans he knows, who have been sadly punished by Biden’s reckless policies on public health, farming, trucking and everything else.

“Stop putting a wall around the white house, if you are not willing to put a wall around the border. Over here it is bums and cops. I could smoke crack over here- and there is nothing anyone can do!” Bergquam said. Oh! He was fired up about leftist policies!


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