Bergquam Reports Texas Audience Size And Stuns President Trump!

President Donald J. Trump energized South Texas voters ahead of early voting as Republicans predicted red “tsunami” this weekend, and the crowds were huge!

Trump rally attendees said they were basing their midterm votes on issues such as the economy and the border and were hopeful Trump would run for president again.

And speaking of again- Ben Bergquam did it again! President Donald J. Trump has been so impressed with Bergquam’s awesome reporting that he made sure all of Truth Social saw his report on the audience at the latest audience size.

Weekly, Ron Fillipkowski chooses choice clips of Bergquam’s to highlight. And Ron did it again!

And again…

Speaking at the regional fairgrounds in Nueces County, Trump sought to leave his imprint on a host of competitive races, including Gov. Greg Abbott’s reelection bid and a trio of South Texas congressional races. And he unleashed attacks against a number of Democratic candidates, seeming to underscore how competitive some races have become.

Trump called Abbott’s opponent, Beto O’Rourke a “flake.” He called Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s challenger, Mike Collier, a “Biden-loving radical Democrat.” And he labeled Attorney General Ken Paxton’s rival, Rochelle Garza, an “ultra-leftist.”

Trump’s rally came two days before early voting starts for the November election in Texas. And it came a day after the U.S. House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol subpoenaed Trump, demanding he testify about his efforts to overturn his 2020 reelection loss.

At the rally, Trump mentioned the subpoena and said lawmakers should instead investigate the “cooked, stolen election” — a claim that has been repeatedly debunked by audits, court rulings and members of his own administration. He urged supporters to fight back by delivering “a crushing rebuke to the radical-left maniacs” in the midterms and again teased a possible run in 2024. “I will probably have to do it again,” he said to the crowd.

Polls show that Republican statewide officials are in the lead in their races, sometimes by a comfortable margin, but they appear to be taking no chances.

Speaking before Trump, Patrick urged the crowd to vote straight-ticket Republican — and warned that O’Rourke could bring out voters who impact other statewide races.

“People say to me, Dan, we don’t even know who you’re running against,’” said Patrick. “Now that’s a good thing, but here’s the truth: Whoever votes for Beto, they sure as hell aren’t crossing over and voting for me. We have nothing in common. So everyone who votes for Beto votes against me, votes against Ken Paxton and all the way down the ballot.”

Patrick was otherwise bullish about the election, predicting a Republican “tsunami.”

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