Bergquam Sees Left-Wing Victory and Far-Right Setback in French Elections, Saying Danger Lies Ahead for All

The recent parliamentary elections in France have resulted in a significant political shift, as a bloc of left-wing parties is projected to finish first, according to exit polls. This coalition has managed to keep the far-right National Rally (RN) party at bay despite RN’s strong performance in the initial round of voting. The centrist alliance led by President Emmanuel Macron is expected to come in second, with RN likely finishing third.

The elections saw the highest voter turnout in decades, at 67.1%, reflecting heightened public engagement. Leftist leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon expressed immense relief at the results, calling for Prime Minister Gabriel Attal’s resignation and urging the President to invite the New Popular Front to govern. However, no single bloc appears close to winning an absolute majority, foreshadowing a period of political stalemate in the French government.

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam, the host of Law and Border, has been covering European elections and following the campaigns of Marine Le Pen in France and Nigel Farage in Britain closely. Bergquam reported that “France may have fallen.”

The snap elections, called unexpectedly by Macron, spurred a rapid and intense campaign period. To prevent RN from gaining an absolute majority, over 200 candidates withdrew from the second round to avoid splitting the anti-RN vote. Protests and public figures, including soccer star Kylian Mbappe, also rallied against the far-right party.

Despite these efforts, the resulting hung parliament suggests potential political inertia, with parties needing to form ad hoc alliances to pass legislation. This situation could hinder France’s domestic governance and international presence within the European Union. Macron’s office has stated he will respect the sovereign choice of the French people but has not yet made decisions regarding the new government.

The RN, led by Jordan Bardella, is expected to secure more seats than ever before despite falling short of an outright victory. Bardella has indicated that he would not govern without a majority. The leftist and centrist alliances are projected to have enough seats to form a coalition, but Macron has rejected including the far-left France Unbowed party.

The election results signal a period of political chaos and power struggles as parties negotiate who should be prime minister. This could lead to a tumultuous process, with the possibility of a no-confidence vote. While the RN’s anti-immigrant, eurosceptic platform has gained significant support, the path forward for French governance remains uncertain amidst this fragmented political landscape.

Bergquam, reporting from Paris, shared his thoughts on the recent unrest and upcoming elections. He mentioned the riots earlier in the week and anticipated more unrest during the elections. Bergquam criticized the defacement of historical monuments, attributing it to “communists and jihadists” who he claims have taken over the Western world. He expressed concern that generations have been taught to view Western societies negatively, leading to what he perceives as acceptance of such destructive behavior.

Bergquam drew parallels to similar situations in the United States, noting the presence of anti-police sentiments and anarchists in Paris. He described the situation as a “narco-communist jihadist uprising” aiming to destroy the Western world. He further lamented that those who accuse former President Trump of being a fascist seem unbothered by what he sees as an invasion by jihadists.

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