Bergquam Slams the UN for Acting Like Pirates and Profiteering off Ukraine Deaths and Immigration

“God Bless the citizens of Ukraine. We are going where the Lord leads, and that started with Law and Border the invasion of our Southern Border. The same organizations that are so corrupted in the US, destroying our Borders, are here in Ukraine. They don’t stop wars or illegal immigration, and they have job security with illegal immigration so that is what they do. We want to connect the dots and show the connection between what is happening in Europe and the USA,” Bergquam said during a live stream on Thursday.

Within a short period of time of being in Ukraine, Ben Berguam reported for Real America’s Voice that he had heard his first Air Raid Siren, which was described by a local as “Business as usual”:

It was a stark reminder of the causalities of the war there and the lives lost, which Bergquam highlighted in a video broadcast on Thursday:

“This wouldn’t have happened if President Trump was in office. This is because of leftists and as soon as the Ukraine people aren’t needed as political pawns, the left will drop them. Ukraine is being used by the people who want to control things, to destabilize Russia and Putin. That seems to be the base and people are dying necessarily,” Bergquam said, pointing out that the UN was on the scene, and that how the UN profits while people were dying- showed the hypocrisy.

Take two…

Bergquam reported on the smokey aftermath of a Russian attack:

In this video Oscar El Blue Ramirez discussed the UN’s Global Pact for Migration and how they were making so much money:

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