Bergquam Slams Traitor Thom Tillis And Shows Why Amnesty Is Disaster

Ben Berquam, the host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, slammed traitorous RINO Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina over Tillis’ continued demands for cheap labor- by talking about Amnesty again- and Bergquam has a good reason to call Tillis out. Unlike Tillis- Bergquam has spent time at the border and has seen the devastation.

Tillis has long been a ‘leftist in sheep’s clothing’ refusing to represent the Republicans of North Carolina and always pushing for open borders to help the Chamber of Commerce types instead. According to media reports, Tillis once again showed his true colors in an announcement this week that he is working with the radical Democrats on an amnesty deal.

Bergquam knows it is totally reckless to talk about such a plan.

“This will be an absolute disaster if approved! Amnesty, and nothing to stop the flow! Every Republican in North Carolina needs to contact @ThomTillis and tell him NO!” Bergquam wrote in response to another post about Tillis.

It is just another enticement to come to America.

Bergquam also had a recent interview that shows the devastating effects on the small border towns, when enticements are given around the world to break into our country.

Check out this interview:

“Shocking interview with Maverick County, TX Deputy Constable Bowels. Cartels are controlling our borders and Democrats are only making it worse! “Law & Border”@RealAmVoice” Ben posted.

In the following video, Bergquam and Bowels talked about the number of people law enforcement did not process through the system, but called those who disappeared into the country – as ‘gotaways’ saying that number is astounding.

From the conversation, Bowels told Bergquam talked about the outrageous numbers of foreigners his small town has to process and absorb and assist because of the Democrat’s open border plans- and remember Tillis joins them:

“We have a thousand people come in during the day. And this is just an average. We’re averaging about a thousand that are that are “gottaways’ as well.

So the numbers are- and I’m just saying this and on a slow day, it’s about between 1,000 to 1,500 people coming across the border.

That’s on a slow day on a high-traffic day; it’s anywhere upwards of 3,000 and our community is a small community of about 40000 to 50,000 people, including the city, country and the rural areas as well. Our law enforcement is pushed to the max. Our local constable’s department is never had this high flow of work traffic like this. “


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