Bergquam to Cover Trump’s Surrender in GA LIVE for Real America’s Voice and Bannon’s War Room

Ben Bergquam appeared on the War Room program with Steve Bannon on Wednesday, and the two talked about the upcoming events in Georgia as President Donald J. Trump is being forced to surrender to authorities for the most recent attack on Liberty, as the political establishment shows how far and debased they, as usurpers have become.

Bergquam took a quick few moments to set the stage and of what is expected to happen in Fulton Georgia, on Thursday.

“People see what this is and they see it as an attack to set Trump up and send Antifa and BLM out into the streets. American people know it,” Bergquam said.


“This is the biggest fight that we have; it is the RINOS on the right, the ones who stab you when they tell you they are on your side,” Bergquam said. “They are a disgrace, and they should be run out of office.”

Bergquam described to Bannon the details of his coverage for War Room and RAV: “We will be telling the truth and I will be here all day,” Bergquam said.

Watch here on Frontline, on Real America’s Voice and on War Room for updates.


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