Bergquam’s Stark Warning: France and the Global Crisis of Lawlessness and Ideological Conflict in “Republic Ending Danger”

Ben Bergquam, host of Real America’s Voice Law and Border, reported from Paris, conveyed a bleak picture of France’s post-election state, describing it as “national suicide” instigated by the “Communist left and jihadists.” He drew parallels between the situation in France and other parts of Europe and the world, asserting, “Yep, that’s the death of your country. Looks like right here.”

Bergquam commented on the police’s apparent inaction in the face of escalating chaos: “They are doing nothing. Absolutely nothing.” He painted a scene of unrest marked by explosions and strategic vandalism aimed at distracting the police. “Total lawlessness, guys, brought to you by the left,” he stated, criticizing the perceived neutering of law enforcement.

Bergquam’s description of the police’s impotence and the rampant disorder was stark: “The cops, we’re just sitting down there, neutered by the left. It’s bad, guys, it is bad here in France, like death of the Republic kind of bad.”

Bergquam suggested a deep alliance between anarchists, communists, and jihadists aiming to destroy France from within. He criticized “happy liberals” for their alleged complicity, stating they were “just marching along with them” without realizing the potential consequences. “They’re going to be in the gulag’s just as fast,” he warned.

Bergquam’s commentary extended beyond France, implicating broader ideological struggles. “It’s the same enemy here as it is in America and in England and all over the world, guys,” he asserted. He condemned the indoctrination of youth, saying they are “being taught that you’re a fascist nation and that it needs to be overthrown.” This indoctrination, according to Bergquam, is complemented by the mass importation of illegal immigrants to aid in the supposed overthrow.

He issued a stark call to action: “We better wake up soon, guys. Better wake up soon.” Despite his grave tone, Bergquam noted the celebration of the left and “white liberals,” portraying them as oblivious to the impending danger. His commentary concluded on a critical note, emphasizing the urgency of awareness and action against what he perceives as internal threats to national stability.

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