Biden Says No Money to Clean up Trainwrecks and No Money For Navy- It’s all Gone to Ukraine and NGOs: Madness Plucked From the Headlines

Americans need help right now. News reports show a growing distrust of the government and that even the US Navy is being forced to act like a third-world nation, going around scrapping for parts to stay afloat. And yet the President of the United States is happily defending a massive centralized ‘swampy’ government choice of sending America’s wealth overseas to help pay for a war that has nothing to do with us.

This is why there is a populist movement growing in the country- because the federal government is stealing wealth and resources from America’s working class and giving it away as fast as possible, while we are watching our security and denfense crumble in front of our eyes.

This is why we need an America First movement.

Frontline readers will recall that Real America’s Voice correspondant, Ben Bergquam has been covering the Border invasion that is being funded by Biden and his administration:

And how about that Biden is outright denying aid to the people of Ohio after a massive disaster in a small town, caused by a train derailment that is becoming a toxic mess:

These are the people the elite government doesn’t care about:

And this is the enviornment disaster that has happened that they do not care about:


Check out this headline from Business Insider, about the condition of the US Navy; and remember at the same time our country’s wealth is being depleated-we are facing increasing conflict with the Chinese Communist Party- who have an excellent Navy.

“The US Navy’s struggle to keep ships in fighting shape is leading sailors to ‘cannibalize’ more parts from other ships.”

Here is MSN’s report about it:

Biden is outright refusing to care about the American people.

And how about Fox News who has a recent headline:

“Biden admin turns down Ohio’s request for disaster assistance after toxic derailment ‘FEMA continues to tell Governor DeWine that Ohio is not eligible for assistance,’ governor’s office says.”

Here is Townhall’s report about it:

Does anyone else remember how much money the US government is gifting to foreign countries?

According to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Government:

Since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine less than one year ago, Congress has approved more than $113 billion of aid and military assistance to support the Ukrainian government and allied nations. The Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 omnibus appropriations package included an additional $47.3 billion of emergency funding to provide humanitarian, military, and economic assistance to Ukraine on top of the $65.8 billion of funding already approved in three other emergency funding packages enacted by Congress.

Of the $113 billion approved in 2022, about three-fifths ($67 billion) has been allocated toward defense needs and the remaining two-fifths ($46 billion) to nondefense concerns such as general Ukrainian government aid, economic support, and aid for refugee resettlement. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) provided cost estimates of the four funding packages at the time each was passed. In total, CBO estimated that $6.6 billion of the $113 billion would be spent in FY 2022 and another $37.7 billion in FY 2023. Furthermore, CBO estimated more than half of the approved funds would be spent by the end of FY 2024 and more than three-fourths by the end of FY 2026.

To date, the Biden Administration has sent Ukraine roughly $26 billion of direct military aid, mainly in the form of military hardware, training, and supplies.

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