Breaking Borders: El Salvador Migrant Admits She Fears American Communism and Socialism, But Fears MS13 More

Americans are going to be very surprised at the number of foreign migrants who are expected to explode at the Southern border and flood out into the United States of America as Trump-era restrictions on immigration are lifted, allowing an expected number of 700,000 to one million people to come through the open borders.

The push to move economic migrants, who are fleeing the devasting effects of greedy socialist and communist policies in their own homelands, from deep in the South American countries, through Central America to get to the United States has been well funded by numerous Non-Government Organizations and well-organized by the United Nations, in partnership with Joe Biden’s administration, as shown by Real America’s Voice (RAV), The War Room, and correspondents Ben Bergquam and Oscar El Blue Ramirez.

What Bergquam and El Blue have investigated for Berquam’s RAV show, Law and Border, and reported should be award-winning if anyone else in the media industry was legit and attempting to serve the people in the United States- or if they were concerned about a real humanitarian issue like the UN and the Democrat administration of Joe Biden are creating for the world.

The evidence, as Bergquam points out, of the deadly consequences of this out-of-control immigration disaster is a destroyed culture and death because along with the massive movement of people to flood the imitation controls into our country comes a lot of opportunity for criminals to have their way:

As Bergquam has traveled worldwide to investigate and bring to the American people, this chaos is designed purposefully by immigration profiteers, such as Democrat Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.

Here Bergquam exposes that Mayorkas, who continues to tell the American people the US Border is closed, has moved land to make the migration path more comfortable and easier to navigate for people to get into the United States.

On location in Brownsville, Texas, Bergquam points out that the Biden administration is unconcerned with the problems caused to law enforcement with the Democrat administration – including Mayorkas- inviting and enticing more and more people to make the journey to the United States.

Here is what Bergquam had to say about it: “I crossed through the port of entry from Matamoros, Mexico, to Brownsville, Texas, having to see the pathetic pictures of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on the wall, at a place that they’ll never go, as our country is being invaded because of their policies!”


On the other side of the border, Bergquam had an intense interview with a migrant who recognized him from his reporting in the Darien Gap.

The woman he interviewed told him in detail that just as we covered last week, the migration industry into the US is being promoted to people around the world as an easy and carefree thing to do, sort of like going on a tourist trip.

Listen to that interview here:


Here is Bergquam fighting for freedom and having fun, and resting comfortably with My Pillow

Bergquam, his associates Anthony Aguero and El Blue are some of the only honest reporters to bring the truth about what is happening at the border, and they are doing it at a critical time for understanding what is expected to be an absolutely uncontrolled mob of migrants moving into the US Countryside.

Here Aguero and Bergquam chronicle how people are being moved into our country. Team Brownsville, according to their website, offers:

Humanitarian Assistance for Asylum Seekers

So while American NGOs are helping move people into the country and back to their homes, leaders are trying to fix the problems to allow people to stay in their homes.

Bergquam met up with Oscar El Blue, and together, they will bring the American people more details about the threats and problems we face than anything corporate media will show us:


The two reporters bring us the devastating details of drug cartels and gangs who have been given the power and authority to destroy the lives of the Venuzualla people, sending them fleeing.

El Salvador, as Bergquam reported, is under new bold leadership with a Populist President, and some people are returning to their homes- which is a much better solution than what Democrats Mayorkas and Biden have designed.

Bergquam found evidence that the new leadership is cracking down on crimes, which could possibly turn into a solution for the immigration chaos we see in the US.

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