Brothers And Sisters Of Liberty United By CPAC Mexico

CPAC held a Conservative Action Convention (CPAC) in Mexico, like Americans are used to seeing in the United States, and invited speakers to talk about historically important topics like fair elections and global Communism. Participants talked about other topics of concern to everyone on the North American continent who share similar enemies to our liberty and freedom, like voting machines and Marxist activists.

One of the biggest concepts for CPAC Mexico- that Americans can embrace too- is that our liberty on this continent is tied to each other in ways we may have not understood before.

We have all experienced attacks on our freedom by a foreign global power.

For example, Brazil has seen historic uprisings of people who feel they are losing their country and their rights. They are experiencing hardships with election integrity and economic problems , making the people feel like they are in a fight for their lives.

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice and host of Law and Border, attended the full CPAC event and reported on inspirational details highlighting both newsmakers and grassroots activists in the country.

The main message from the organizers was – we are in this together and fighting Global Communism:

Bergquam and Oscar El Blue Ramirez, who have reported on the US Southern border extensively, tracked the nasty leftist agenda all the way to Mexico, showing activists who have done so much damage to the United States of America and had a small organized protest at CPAC:

According to the CPAC Mexico website:

On November 18th and 19th, a new chapter of CPAC will be held at Mexico City! Since 1974 CPAC, Conservative Political Action Conference, gathers leaders of the Conservative world, hundreds of organizations, thousands of activists and millions of spectators through the media.

We will hear the voice of Mexico, of all America and of all the defenders of freedom and democracy in our countries.

That’s why the name of CPAC is …. Mexico! We will be here defending the freedom of the Americas.

Together, because #TogetherWeAreStronger

Bergquam got a chance to ask quick questions about the corruption in the recent elections in Brazil.

“Just like the American elections, we have a lot of questions because we have a lot of evidence. Unfortunately, there is a problem. That’s why people demand justice. Today, we have 18 days that people are in the streets protesting. Not only because they do not want a criminal again in the presidency but also because of the way the elections are happening in Brazil,” Eduardo Bolsonaro’s son told Bergquam. 

“You heard it from him! Brazil is fighting the same thing we saw in 2020 with the elections. It is the same battle there, they’re fighting, and they’re not stopping,” Bergquam said, driving home the idea that what the US is experiencing with our elections is nothing different than the concerns of people in Brazil.

Bergquam had a chance to hear from some of the attendees about their concerns, including Leticia, who spoke about the importance of the War Room program with Steve Bannon.

Bergquam also had a chance to highlight the same elitist attitude in Mexico that we see in the United States, with members of a government class who keep their distance from the communities they serve:

It is so much like the USA is seeing:

Bergquam got footage showing great interest in the Conservative messaging of restoring and defending liberty and freedom:

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