Legal Immigrant Led Convy of Patriots To Protest Drug Cartels

Ben Bergquam the founder of Frontline America spoke with a group of patriots in Arizona, led by a soon-to-be American citizen, who are pleading with others to come to America legally because that is the right thing to do. Their concerns were mainly with the drug cartels who endangered families and especially children, they told … Read more

Bergquam Still Waiting For Environmentalists To Care About Toxic Sewage From Mexico Flowing Into America

American Environmentalists are known for their radical use of politicians, media, and activists to shut down business for any minor infractions of oppressively difficult laws, harassing small business people and lawmakers over demands to protect the environment, so it is notable when activist groups, who are helping foreigners cross into America, have no concern at … Read more

Unbelievable Poverty Being Imported By The Democrats, Bergquam Torches The Left’s Policies With Reality

Ben Bergquam took his viewers for a quick trip around one neighborhood in a San Diego, California, tent city. He torched the policies of the Democrats, who are making everything worse there. “Importing this poverty is not sustainable, America. Its blocks after block of this,” Bergquam said. “The government is incentivizing this. Everything the Democrats … Read more

Shocking! He Persisted! Watch Ben Bergquam Cover LGBTQ Protest Of Religious Assembly: Tower Theater-Fresno

Ben Bergquam, the founder of Frontline America and a reporter for America’s Real Voice attended a protest of a Christian church moving into an empty theater in an area called the “Tower district” in Fresno. The California town has seen numerous conflicts over the past three months involving different groups.  “The church being here in … Read more

Crazy Cancel Culture: Former Police Officer Fired From Fresno Force For Watching Protest-Shocking Injustice

Ben Bergquam is the founder of Frontline America and a reporter for Real America’s Voice. He caught up with someone on Monday to bring viewers a special interview from a man who is the victim of leftist Cancel Culture. “Rick Fitzgerald was fired from his position as a Fresno Police Officer after 18 years,” Bergquam … Read more