CCP -Decade Old Plot- Confirms Shadow Government Control of DC

Democrats and RINOS established in the permanent administrative state of Washington DC are not called ‘progressive Communists” for no reason- it is because they literally, as a stealthy group, have been progressing Communist control of the American Republic.

And people like Rudy Giuliani described exactly that- in 2020 ahead of the election, as seen in the video below. What we show here is not new information, the proof of it being true is just expanding.

From a 2021 Daily Mail article is about the agreement to progress and promote Communism- that helped make Hunter Biden very wealthy:

“A damning new report claims that Hunter Biden helped expand Chinese influence in America in a $10 million a year agreement and an $80,000 diamond.

In her new book, Laptop from Hell, New York Post columnist Miranda Devine, describes Hunter Biden’s business dealings with a Chinese-linked energy consortium, called CEFC.

Based on hundreds of emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop which he left in a Delaware repair shop in April 2019, and transcripts of messages from WhatsApp, she claims that the Biden family offered their services to CEFC to help expand its business around the world.”

So its pretty much common knowledge that the Biden crime family has profited off of their public service- and also sold the country – by weakening our national security at many levels- to our mortal enemies- and that the CCP have officials in place to allow them to continue to do so- and the details of how the Biden have gotten away with it all- are pretty well known:

And now there is proof with the exposure of a 10-year-long scheme to help Communists, which through a message that was brought to light last week by the US Ways and Means Committee. President Trump read the exposed message:

Chinese whistleblowers, such a Miles Gou, have been on the frontlines to try to America to a couple from the United States of America, so both nations can be dealt with, as discussed by Steve Bannon on the War Room and his guest Nicole Tsai- in an interview, Bannon said was “all signal”:

Flashback to what Rudy Giuliana talked about over a year ago, dealing with many different bribes, and how most of what we know comes from the hard drive of Hunter Biden:

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