Cheap Labor! Children of Illegals Uncovered at Tennessee Manufacturer

Illegals used fabricated identities and false credentials to secure manufacturing positions for the children of illegals through a temporary staffing agency- the left’s 3rd World utopia has come to America for child exploitation on our soil. Thank a Democrat voter.

The featured photo is of a child laborer in Bangladesh. With the Democrat’s open borders for cheap labor and cheap products, how far away are we now from them?

Labor Department officials revealed that the children of illegal immigrants as young as 14 were discovered working illegally in hazardous conditions at a Tennessee firm, Tuff Torq, which manufactures components for lawn mowers sold by prominent companies like John Deere. The company, found culpable for hiring 10 underage workers, incurred fines totaling nearly $300,000. Additionally, Tuff Torq is mandated, as part of a consent agreement with the federal government, to allocate $1.5 million to support the affected children. Ryan Pott, the general counsel for Tuff Torq’s majority owner, the Japanese firm Yanmar, confirmed the violations to NBC News.

Seema Nanda, the Labor Department’s chief legal officer, emphasized the agency’s unwavering stance against companies profiting from the unlawful employment of children in perilous occupations. She highlighted that Tuff Torq agreed to relinquish profits derived from such activities, with the proceeds benefiting the affected children. Nanda underscored that the message was clear: endangering children in the workplace not only violates the law but also carries significant financial repercussions.

ABC News reported:

While the Labor Department did not specify the nature of the children’s tasks, Juan Coria, a Labor official, described the distressing environment his investigative team encountered at Tuff Torq’s bustling Morristown manufacturing plant. Coria, the southeast regional administrator for the Wage and Hour Division, depicted a scene where children as young as 14 toiled late into the night amid power-driven equipment in constant motion, prompting anxiety among the investigators.

Pott clarified that the underage workers were temporary and not directly employed by Tuff Torq. He explained that they used fabricated identities and false credentials to secure positions through a temporary staffing agency. Pott affirmed Tuff Torq’s commitment to ethical labor practices and announced plans to sever ties with the staffing company, while enhancing training and compliance programs. He also mentioned engaging with suppliers to reinforce expectations regarding ethical labor practices.

As part of the corrective measures, Tuff Torq is mandated to prominently display signs at every entrance to the plant, indicating that individuals must be at least 18 years old to enter and work within the premises.

Nanda emphasized that such agreements send a message to the offending company and its entire network of suppliers and contractors, urging them to uphold ethical labor practices throughout their supply chain.

Despite repeated attempts, John Deere refrained from commenting on the matter.

Labor officials disclosed that the investigation into Tuff Torq commenced nearly a year ago in spring 2023, with multiple visits to the facility conducted by investigators. However, they declined to divulge the specific trigger for the investigation.

The Labor Department has intensified its focus on child labor enforcement since last spring, coinciding with a 152% surge in the detection of illegally employed children since 2018, according to departmental data.

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