‘Commander In Thief’ Inviting More Migrants Into The US At Summit Of Americas Where USA Is Last

Ben Bergquam, the host of Real Americas Voice, Law and Border, has had enough of Democrat Joe Biden and the established order in state and federal government. He laid it all out on the trouble in a passionate plea for Americans to join him in his concerns.

At the forefront of his mind appears to be what Democrat Joe Biden is doing at the Summit of the Americas. It looks like Biden is making the existing invasion on the Southern Border even more complex with some new nonsense about Russia- and Bergquam is calling Biden out over it.

Bergquam slams Biden for allowing the elite in DC to destroy the United States of America and look the other way after four years of treasonous coups on a duly elected government- Donald J. Trump and his administration.

That is why there was the birth of the “America First’ Movement- so now we need to explain- we mean the United States of America. Get it?

Here is the propaganda about the event:

Here is the truth:


“It is time to get loud-if we don’t do it now, it is over. Trump was right, it is time to hold these scumbags accountable!” Bergquam said with great enthusiasm.

Bergquam is right; Biden is a disaster, according to people paying attention.

Here is the Propaganda:

Here is the truth:

Biden is making himself available to put the United States of America of last in the long of “Americas” he would prefer to represent.

Welcome to globalism- thank a Democrat- RINO- establishment coup maker.

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