Dethroned and Replaced: CNN Celebrates ‘Pride Month’ and Announces Top Beer is no Longer American-It’s Mexican

Bud Light is over. The child of Anheuser Busch- the King of Beers- has been pushed from the top, and a new beer has been crowned ‘King.’

Thanks to Democrats, Americans now have to operate under business regulations and rules to promote homosexuality and sexual fetishes, and foreign companies allowed to operate under Free Market Capitalism do much better. Since America’s system has been replaced with a bizarre Marxist utopia- designed to hold Americans back by forcing compliance with new ESG rules, people should finally see what communism and socialism are all about- control and dominance.

It is noteworthy that Mexican companies and governments, much like Chinese companies and governments, do not apply the same LGBTQ plus control and dominance on their products and production- and that is something many Americans are not quite grasping with the news of Bud Light tumbling into the garbage heap.

America is being replaced everywhere, even with our military contractors, with the US Government’s help through an ESG Score, which smacks of a Communist “social score’.

KEY POINT TO THINK ABOUT: An ESG score is a way to assign a quantitative metric, such as a numerical score or letter rating, to the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts undertaken by a specific organization. ESG efforts have become increasingly important in recent years as awareness around the topic has grown.

Enter LGBTQ ‘Pride’:

Pride month is all about forcing companies to adhere to the ESG scoring based on the promotion of LGBTQ plus, and we now have the results of the first very public disgrace for partnering with the dreadful talking points of the movement- America is no longer #1.

Ironically, the fall from the top for Bud Light happened on Pride Month, a celebration of sexual fetishes and homosexuality.

But here we are, and corporate media seems pretty pleased about it:

CNN headlines on Thursday morning for June 15th, two weeks into the LGBTQ plus Pride Month celebration, showed that forcing American companies to go ‘woke’ and alienate their customer base is an excellent idea for foreign companies.

Check out what their morning service eagerly announced to the world:

“America’s top-selling beer is no longer American. Bud Light has been knocked out of the top spot it’s held for two decades by Modelo Especial, the popular Mexican lager brewed near Mexico City. Here’s what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and On With Your Day.”

Surprisingly, they didn’t add: ‘Enjoy your day’ in Spanish.

Here is how it happened:

After a boycott and a total shunning of Bud Light Beer, the market has a new leader, and it does not have to operate under America’s woke rules.

However, many people do not notice that the ‘boycott’ had a lot of help from corporate media- who may have a vested interest in driving people from the products forced to comply with promoting homosexuality.

In politics, we don’t get so much assistance- but time will tell how Americans engage with their products, government, and politics.

The Post Millennial reported on the details of Bud-Light’s demise:

Bud Light has lost its reign as the number-one company in American beer sales. He is now forced to pass the torch to Modelo following Anheuser-Busch’s disastrous marketing campaign with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, resulting in nationwide boycotts

The long-time number-one beer seller in the United States is no longer after Modelo Especial surpassed Bud Light in sales in May, knocking the beer brand out from the number-one spot they had held for over twenty years, according to CNNWireModelo Especial is owned by Constellation Brands and is produced near Mexico City.

Americans have been told that ESG scores are ‘good for business.’

The question is, WHO’S business?

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