Elon Musk is Paying A Super Creepy DeSantis Supporter a lot of Money

The Patriot Voice highlighted a super creepy post by Ian Miles Cheong, and it should make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up! Alex Sheppard initially uncovered the bizarre post where Cheong said he was going to watch self-gratifying preborn babies and eat pizza.

That is really sick.

Media reports show that Cheong is “known best for his commentary on Twitter, and he made a name for himself in right-wing circles by frequently weighing in on U.S. politics. Long before his foray into U.S. domestic issues, Cheong was best known for his work as a gaming journalist and fs an influential moderator on Reddit.

The Washington Post reported early in June that ‘the first beneficiaries appear to be high-profile influencers like Andrew Tate, DC Draino, Ian Miles Cheong, Benny Johnson, and Ashley St. Clair.”

And Cheong is trying to influencers away from President Donald J. Trump.

It is unclear what Cheong was describing, but at a time when people humans are on heightened alert about the severe nature of child sexual crimes and also about the amount of human trafficking and sexual crimes against young people, this is not at all funny.

Cheong, who dislikes Donald J. Trump and his supporters, according to his posts, appears to be trying to trigger hurt feelings or alarm in other posters, seemingly trying to invoke something to do with Pizza or make fun of people.

Cheong is a DeSantis supporter:

CHEONG was busted for lying:

Here is something typical that Cheong taunts other posters with:

The Daily Dot reported about Cheong:

Cheong is also known for his involvement in Gamergate, a term used to describe a controversy between primarily male gamers and female game developers that led to a widespread harassment campaign in 2014.

Initially, Cheong, who described himself as a “turbo-feminist” at the time, leaped to the defense of female game developers such as Zoe Quinn. But Cheong’s politics would begin shifting to the far-right as the years wpassed

Where does Ian Miles Cheong live?

But Twitter users critical of Cheong began stating online that the pundit lived not in America but on the opposite end of the planet—specifically, the South East Asian country of Malaysia.

“I just learned that Ian Miles Lap Cheong lives in Malaysia??” @_tanwho_ wrote. “I always thought he was American because he spends all of his time licking Yankee boot.”

It appears that Musk and Cheong have a similar background in gaming and frequently interact with each other:

Cheong appears to be given some special privileges on the platform, which raises the question of – why and if Musk is amplifying anti-Trump content on Twitter.

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