Exposé: Bergquam Surveys Crowds of Migrants About New Immigration Policy- Gets Truth Bombs, Jewish NGO Freaks Out

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice (RAV), has reported for years about the corruption from what he calls “leftist organization” that offer pivotal work in assisting the invasion of the United States by migrants worldwide.

“This is Jewish Family Services, they are calling someone and telling these people not to talk to me. They are making money off of these people’s suffering. These controlling Communist organizations, they get taxpayer funded grants- they are bypassing immigration, claiming fake amnesty, and making millions of dollars for themselves by doing this,” Bergquam said, busing the group.

Bergquam exposed the entire scam and how it impacts this community, which the corporate media ignores.



Although the US Government funds these groups with taxpayer money, they have no oversight, allowing them to do things the American people do not support.

In reality, what Democrats have built is a lawless shadow government that operates secretly to carry out an agenda that does not have the consent of the governed.

In the following video Bergquam, host of the RAV Law and Border program, is interviewing migrants and having enjoyable conversations with them and a member of the NGO Jewish group, who are working hurriedly as a group to get people passed into the US -and bypass our normal immigration process, tell the migrants in line to stop talking to Bergquam.

This series of interviews exposes how Democrats have created a pathway of amnesty for people and pushed them along with nonprofits, leaving Americans entirely out of the loop.

Bergquam showed the group working to gather information for the migrants and assist them along their way to the next stop in their process of getting into the United States of America:

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See Bergquam’s reporting on how the Biden administration is assisting the migration into our country by making the journey as smooth as possible for the people:

And how Secretary of Homeland Defense, Mayorkas is making sure the roads through uninhabited are comfortable for traveling for the people who want to live in the United States:

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