Flashpoint Detroit: Black Trump Supporter Harassed by White Anti-Trump Protesters at Turning Point Action Convention

During a tense and chaotic scene at the Turning Point Action convention in Detroit, conservative commentator Ben Bergquam was interrupted by a group of anti-Trump protesters while on a diaper run for his daughter. The incident, charged with political heat, exposed the deep divisions and intense emotions that currently frame contemporary American politics.

The group had gathered to hold the first America First convention for the people, called The Peoples Convention, where President Donald J. Trump spoke along with other top leaders in the movement, like Steve Bannon.

Bergquam, who had taken a moment to show solidarity with a Black man named Perry from Detroit, was thrust into a volatile situation. Perry, a former Biden voter who had switched his allegiance to Donald Trump, was wearing a Red Wings shirt and holding a Trump sign he found on the street. As the two men interacted, they were quickly encircled by protesters who hurled insults, called them white supremacists, and attempted to intimidate them.

The protesters, equipped with megaphones, shouted aggressively at Bergquam and Perry, creating a hostile environment. Despite the chaos, Bergquam maintained a calm demeanor, addressing the protesters with comments highlighting the absurdity of the situation. He remarked, “Think better if you take the mask off, you’ll get better oxygen. At least, well, that’s an evil thing to say.”

The scene escalated as the protesters continued their verbal assault. Bergquam noted, “They’re violent over here. Are you a white supremacist?” attempting to engage with the protesters and diffuse the tension. His comments were met with even louder screams from the megaphones, prompting Perry to cringe and cover his ears in pain.

Perry, who had previously voted for Biden, explained his change of heart: “It was really his first inaugural speech when he ran out onto the stage. I knew immediately that I made a mistake.” He attempted to engage with the protesters, expressing his support for Trump and questioning the necessity of their anger and aggression.

Throughout the confrontation, Bergquam repeatedly invoked religious sentiments, urging the protesters to seek solace in faith. “You need Jesus. Jesus will set you free from the demons. Why are you so angry? Jesus loves you,” he said, trying to counter the hostility with messages of love and unity.

Despite the protesters’ attempts to silence him, Bergquam remained steadfast. “Take off the mask guys, you’ll breathe easier. It’s 2024. You don’t need the masks,” he quipped, criticizing the continued use of masks as a symbolic gesture rather than a practical necessity.

The encounter culminated in Bergquam’s departure, but not before he reiterated his support for Trump and the values he believes are beneficial for America. “Four more years of Donald J. Trump. That’s what’s coming,” he declared as Perry echoed his sentiments.

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