France Offers Glimpse Into Society Overrun By Migrants, Poignant Report by Bergquam and El Blue [VIDEO]

Real America’s Voice and Patriot Mobile have sponsored two outstanding investigative journalists, Ben Brgquam and Oscar El Blue-Ramirez to head to Europe in their journey to discover the foundations of the massive human migration from around the third world, with their economic migrants forced to leave their homelands after the disaster consequences of their greedy governments, with their Socialist and Communist polices- to find a better life at the people in more stable countries.

Reports have gone viral from other sources that France is a very tense place, with relations between migrants and the French people on the brink of disaster:

Berggquam and El Blue appeared on the War Room with Steve Bannon to talk about their findings, as they just begin to settle into the area.

Here is what they told Bannon:


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Please join us in praying for the safety of the Real America’s Voice crew- because things in France look violent at times:

Remember they had lots of warning what was coming:

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