GOP House Stomps DC’s Attempts to let Illegals Vote, Read the 162 Democrats who voted TO LET ILLEGALS VOTE

On Thursday, the US House voted to block D.C. bills on two issues- one on noncitizens voting and then on strengthening the DC criminal code.





The House passed two joint resolutions, HJRes 24 and HJRes 26: Disapproving the action of the District of Columbia Council in approving the Local Resident Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2022, and Disapproving the action of the District of Columbia Council in approving the Revised Criminal Code Act of 2022 respectively.

Search and Read here for the Democrats who vote to allow illegals to vote in DC:  ROLL CALL

Here are the 162 who wanted illegals to vote.:

Adams Democratic North Carolina NAY
Aguilar Democratic California NAY
Auchincloss Democratic Massachusetts NAY
Balint Democratic Vermont NAY
Barragán Democratic California NAY
Beatty Democratic Ohio NAY
Bera Democratic California NAY
Beyer Democratic Virginia NAY
Blumenauer Democratic Oregon NAY
Blunt Rochester Democratic Delaware NAY
Bonamici Democratic Oregon NAY
Bowman Democratic New York NAY
Boyle (PA) Democratic Pennsylvania NAY
Brown Democratic Ohio NAY
Brownley Democratic California NAY
Bush Democratic Missouri NAY
Carbajal Democratic California NAY
Cárdenas Democratic California NAY
Carson Democratic Indiana NAY
Carter (LA) Democratic Louisiana NAY
Casar Democratic Texas NAY
Case Democratic Hawaii NAY
Casten Democratic Illinois NAY
Castro (TX) Democratic Texas NAY
Cherfilus-McCormick Democratic Florida NAY
Chu Democratic California NAY
Cicilline Democratic Rhode Island NAY
Clark (MA) Democratic Massachusetts NAY
Clarke (NY) Democratic New York NAY
Cleaver Democratic Missouri NAY
Clyburn Democratic South Carolina NAY
Cohen Democratic Tennessee NAY
Connolly Democratic Virginia NAY
Courtney Democratic Connecticut NAY
Crockett Democratic Texas NAY
Crow Democratic Colorado NAY
Davis (IL) Democratic Illinois NAY
Dean (PA) Democratic Pennsylvania NAY
DeGette Democratic Colorado NAY
DeLauro Democratic Connecticut NAY
DelBene Democratic Washington NAY
Deluzio Democratic Pennsylvania NAY
DeSaulnier Democratic California NAY
Dingell Democratic Michigan NAY
Doggett Democratic Texas NAY
Escobar Democratic Texas NAY
Espaillat Democratic New York NAY
Evans Democratic Pennsylvania NAY
Fletcher Democratic Texas NAY
Foster Democratic Illinois NAY
Foushee Democratic North Carolina NAY
Frankel, Lois Democratic Florida NAY
Frost Democratic Florida NAY
Gallego Democratic Arizona NAY
Garcia (TX) Democratic Texas NAY
Garcia, Robert Democratic California NAY
Goldman (NY) Democratic New York NAY
Gomez Democratic California NAY
Green, Al (TX) Democratic Texas NAY
Grijalva Democratic Arizona NAY
Hayes Democratic Connecticut NAY
Higgins (NY) Democratic New York NAY
Himes Democratic Connecticut NAY
Horsford Democratic Nevada NAY
Houlahan Democratic Pennsylvania NAY
Hoyer Democratic Maryland NAY
Hoyle (OR) Democratic Oregon NAY
Huffman Democratic California NAY
Ivey Democratic Maryland NAY
Jackson (IL) Democratic Illinois NAY
Jackson Lee Democratic Texas NAY
Jacobs Democratic California NAY
Jayapal Democratic Washington NAY
Jeffries Democratic New York NAY
Johnson (GA) Democratic Georgia NAY
Kamlager-Dove Democratic California NAY
Keating Democratic Massachusetts NAY
Kelly (IL) Democratic Illinois NAY
Khanna Democratic California NAY
Kildee Democratic Michigan NAY
Kim (NJ) Democratic New Jersey NAY
Krishnamoorthi Democratic Illinois NAY
Lee (CA) Democratic California NAY
Lee (PA) Democratic Pennsylvania NAY
Lieu Democratic California NAY
Lofgren Democratic California NAY
Lynch Democratic Massachusetts NAY
Magaziner Democratic Rhode Island NAY
Matsui Democratic California NAY
McBath Democratic Georgia NAY
McCollum Democratic Minnesota NAY
McGarvey Democratic Kentucky NAY
McGovern Democratic Massachusetts NAY
Meeks Democratic New York NAY
Menendez Democratic New Jersey NAY
Meng Democratic New York NAY
Mfume Democratic Maryland NAY
Moore (WI) Democratic Wisconsin NAY
Morelle Democratic New York NAY
Moulton Democratic Massachusetts NAY
Mrvan Democratic Indiana NAY
Mullin Democratic California NAY
Nadler Democratic New York NAY
Napolitano Democratic California NAY
Neal Democratic Massachusetts NAY
Neguse Democratic Colorado NAY
Norcross Democratic New Jersey NAY
Ocasio-Cortez Democratic New York NAY
Omar Democratic Minnesota NAY
Pallone Democratic New Jersey NAY
Pascrell Democratic New Jersey NAY
Payne Democratic New Jersey NAY
Pelosi Democratic California NAY
Peltola Democratic Alaska NAY
Peters Democratic California NAY
Pingree Democratic Maine NAY
Porter Democratic California NAY
Pressley Democratic Massachusetts NAY
Quigley Democratic Illinois NAY
Ramirez Democratic Illinois NAY
Raskin Democratic Maryland NAY
Ross Democratic North Carolina NAY
Ruiz Democratic California NAY
Ruppersberger Democratic Maryland NAY
Sánchez Democratic California NAY
Sarbanes Democratic Maryland NAY
Scanlon Democratic Pennsylvania NAY
Schakowsky Democratic Illinois NAY
Schiff Democratic California NAY
Schneider Democratic Illinois NAY
Scholten Democratic Michigan NAY
Scott (VA) Democratic Virginia NAY
Sewell Democratic Alabama NAY
Sherman Democratic California NAY
Smith (WA) Democratic Washington NAY
Stansbury Democratic New Mexico NAY
Stevens Democratic Michigan NAY
Strickland Democratic Washington NAY
Sykes Democratic Ohio NAY
Takano Democratic California NAY
Thanedar Democratic Michigan NAY
Thompson (MS) Democratic Mississippi NAY
Titus Democratic Nevada NAY
Tlaib Democratic Michigan NAY
Tokuda Democratic Hawaii NAY
Tonko Democratic New York NAY
Torres (CA) Democratic California NAY
Torres (NY) Democratic New York NAY
Trahan Democratic Massachusetts NAY
Trone Democratic Maryland NAY
Underwood Democratic Illinois NAY
Vargas Democratic California NAY
Vasquez Democratic New Mexico NAY
Veasey Democratic Texas NAY
Velázquez Democratic New York NAY
Wasserman Schultz Democratic Florida NAY
Waters Democratic California NAY
Watson Coleman Democratic New Jersey NAY
Wexton Democratic Virginia NAY
Wild Democratic Pennsylvania NAY
Williams (GA) Democratic Georgia NAY
Wilson (FL) Democratic Florida NAY

42 Democrats voted along with Republicans


Those 162 need to be primaried and removed from office, is the general feeling from most of the GOP leadership.

Official reaction:

The Washington Post was sad. They reported that the “Republican-controlled U.S. House flexed its power over D.C. on Thursday in voting to block a pair of local bills, with support from dozens of Democrats as well — the curtain-raiser this session in a long history of congressional interference in the city’s local governance.”

The House voted in favor of two resolutions disapproving of the two D.C. bills: one that would allow noncitizens to vote in local D.C. elections; another marking a major revision of the city’s outdated criminal code, which has not been comprehensively updated since 1901. While the House Democratic whip urged Democrats to reject both resolutions, 42 Democrats joined Republicans to reject D.C. legislation allowing noncitizen voting and 31 joined Republicans to reject D.C.’s Revised Criminal Code Act of 2022.

The votes deal a major blow to local officials who implored members of Congress to stay out of the city’s affairs, although it is exactly the type of interference that they had been bracing for after the GOP took control of the House this year.

“We have two acts from the Washington, D.C., council that will dilute the vote of American citizens and endanger city residents and businesses,” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said of the D.C. bills on the floor Thursday, arguing that it was Congress’s “responsibility” to intervene.

While D.C.’s home rule is limited, D.C. officials had urged members of Congress — who are not accountable to any D.C. residents — to avoid substituting their judgment for that of locally elected city council members.

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.), the District’s nonvoting representative, said there is “never justification for Congress nullifying legislation enacted by the District.”

“I can only conclude that the Republican leadership believes D.C. residents, the majority of whom are Black and Brown, are unworthy or uncapable of governing themselves,” she said on the floor.

Congress has oversight of D.C. and the final say on its laws and budget thanks to a provision in the Constitution. Thursday marks the first time since 2015 that a disapproval resolution targeting D.C. legislation has made it to the House floor, though it’s been roughly three decades since Congress has successfully used a disapproval resolution to overturn D.C. legislation; the resolutions must also be approved by the president.

Local political observers were watching closely to see how many Democrats would defect as the bill now heads to the Senate.

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