Government Money for Illegals and None for Homeless Americans

Real America’s Voice, Ben Bergquam, and “J,” a 73-year-old man who is homeless, shed light on the unjust situation of resource allocation between American citizens and illegal aliens by an American NGO.

“Interfaith Ministries is an inclusive connecter of people, faith communities and resources in our nation’s most diverse city, sustaining healthy and respectful lives for vulnerable populations and promoting interfaith relations and volunteerism,” is what their mission statement reads, but that is not really how they are walking out their service in streets of Houston Texas. which is a 501(c)(3) organization.

In the video below, Bergquam expresses concern over the allocation of government funds toward supporting illegals rather than addressing the needs of homeless American citizens like J.

The footage shows the irony of homeless Americans living right out near the fence of the building that holds an NGO for foreigners.

Bergquam highlights the irony of the situation, pointing out that right outside the Interfaith Ministries building in Houston Texas, which receives substantial government funding, homeless individuals are struggling to survive. He emphasizes the injustice of prioritizing resources for illegal immigrants over American citizens who are in dire need.

J, the homeless man, shares his frustration with the situation, acknowledging that despite being homeless since January, he has not received the support he needs. His poignant remark about people being unable to afford to live reflects the harsh reality faced by many homeless individuals across the country.

The conversation underscores the urgent need for equitable resource distribution, with a focus on addressing the needs of vulnerable American citizens. It brings attention to the moral dilemma of prioritizing assistance for illegals over citizens who are struggling to make ends meet.

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