Human Market! Incredible Epic Trek Around Third World to Find the Root of the Migrant Invasion

This episode of Law and Border for Real America’s Voice was filmed along the controlled pathways from the world’s third-world nations across the open borders of the United States and into their new homeland, all while being assisted by Democrats.

“This is a massive human market and the Biden administration is the one doing it. They are creating an incentivized migration and it is all a big money making machine,” Oscar El Blue, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, said during one segment of the most recent episode of Law and Border.

Ben Bergquam, along with El Blue, investigated what is driving the migration and their motivations to leave their own homelands and make their way to the USA.

Bergquam got proof that the policies of the Biden administration are what is pushing people to come into the US and take advantage of the government assistance programs.

Bergquam also found that a series of nonprofits are helping people from Africa and China, which is something the other media is ignoring.

Numerous migrants told Bergquam that they think people should not make the trip, because it is too dangerous, even if Biden and his administration are lying to them and telling them it is easy.

This latest episode, below, is epic with revelations in interviews with migrants who talked about what happened to them and what they witnessed, which are shocking :

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