Immigration Hell: Permissive Dutch Government Plunges Netherlands Into Chaos-Coming to USA

Rueters reported on Saturday that the Dutch government collapsed on Friday after failing to reach a deal on restricting immigration, which will trigger new elections in the fall, and that is something which shows a failure of the UN Global Compact for Migration.

And it is essential to know that the disaster is also directed by the dastardly Klaus Schwab and shown in the following tweet:

Here is some background on the compact: “On 19 December 2018, the United Nations General Assembly endorsed the compact through a vote. One hundred fifty-two countries voted in favor of the resolution to endorse it, while the United States, Hungary, Israel, Czech Republic, and Poland voted against it. Twelve countries abstained from the vote.” ( That was under Trump- Biden plunged us back into)

At the same time that France, Italy, Brussels, and Switzerland are in chaos, they are seeing uprisings and riots by immigrants struggling to dominate the government.

And now, the news shows that other European governments can not handle the overwhelming economic costs of uncontrollable migrations of illegal aliens, especially the housing costs to give them a quality of life, which are massive.

We covered the looming housing crisis coming to the US.


Sober minds are seeing the same situation unfolding in the United States of America with Joe Biden’s open border as his administration fights to assist an illegal invasion.

Here is what is happening in the Netherlands and how it resembles the problems we have here, as uncovered by Ben Berquam:

“The crisis was triggered by a push by Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s conservative VVD party to limit the flow of asylum seekers to the Netherlands, which two of his four-party government coalition refused to support,” Rueters reported.

“It’s no secret that the coalition partners have differing opinions about immigration policy. Today we unfortunately have to conclude that those differences have become insurmountable. Therefore I will tender the resignation of the entire cabinet to the king,” Rutte said in a televised news conference.

Asyslm from economic migrants who have fled Communism and Marxism and are seeking a new start on the backs of European nations have destroyed their host.

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, has been reporting on these same problems unfolding in the US:

Bergquam appeared on the War Room, with host Steve Bannon to explain the vast numbers of people claiming asylum in more detail:

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