In the Hour of Our Maximum Danger: McCarthy’s Team is Enraged at Being Blocked by MAGA

The administrative State is freaking out over the Populist firebrands on the Hill who will not obey Speaker Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy is in the battle for his position, and numerous Populist MAGA-style Republicans see themselves in the fight for the soul of the nation.

“Until We Get ‘Defund, Defang, DeWoke,DeWeaponized’ There Will be No Votes on Another Bloated Defense Bill…” Steve Bannon, host of the War Room program, wrote on his social media in reaction to the news the Defense Bill was blocked.

Bannon has been whipping the votes to block McCarthy for weeks and appears to be somewhat of a defacto Speaker of MAGA House as McCarthy pals talk about going to side up to Democrats to help them get over the hump of losing so many MAGA brand Republicans.

For weeks, Bannon, a champion of American working-class men and women, has been leading the charge for the civil servants on the Hill to serve the people and keep their promises to stop spending like out-of-control ‘drunken sailors’.

US Rep Matt Gaetz has been vocal for a week, saying he will try to push McCarthy out of leadership if he doesn’t do something to give the American people some cuts in spending.

And someone is serious enough about the idea to put a plan into writing.

A motion to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy from the top Congressional office was allegedly found in a bathroom at the United States Capitol building on Tuesday, according to media reports.

“Journalist Matt Laslo wrote in a post to X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, that a motion to vacate from Representative Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican who has been a staunch McCarthy critic, was found in a bathroom located beneath the House floor Tuesday afternoon,” Newsweek reported.

Also in the news for Tuesday Night: Speaker McCarthy reacts to House GOP after Republican hardliners blocked a defense bill. NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent Ryan Nobles reports on the “frustration” from within the Republican conference.


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