Inside CPAC Scoop: Oligarchs do not Want Americans to Think for Themselves

Big corporate players who want to transform our Republic from a system for and by the people to something more lucrative for themselves, and they do not want the American people to know that there is hope for a transformation of America from where we are.

The Populist movement is saying they want more Godly principles and to get back to civil servants representing the consent of the governed.

Let’s face it, America is such a special and unique country that our open system of freedom and liberty is worth a lot of money to people who can reign in the people and subjugate them, and keep them dependent.

That makes sense to everyone- right? It is a pretty simple concept. Everything comes down to energy and power. And right now very corrupt people have and want more of it- and the common man and woman are losing what was handed to them- very quickly.

At CPAC in Washington DC the topic on all speaker’s lips was how to get that power back. And the talk coming from Steve Bannon’s War Room, and all of his associates at Real America’s Voice was how to get that power back with action, action, action.

In a Twitter-censored interview, Dr. Seb Gorka spoke with Real America’s correspondent Ben Bergquam in the War Room viewing area and exchanged some awesome inspiration- which Twitter does not want anyone to see- for some reason.

But you can check it out on Rumble.

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