Joe Biden just Admitted he Doesn’t know how to Handle Government Documents [VIDEO]

Even regular Americans who deal with the government- in any way- have to go through rigorous tests on the procedures of how to handle level low-level security classified government information.

Democrat Joe Biden has been busted, leaving classified documents in numerous unsecured locations and in the hands of people who were not cleared to handle the documents.

In an ongoing investigation into how Vice President Biden obtained classified documents from a private Washington, D.C. office used for University of Pennsylvania work, the Justice Department is employing a Trump-era U.S. Attorney.

The Penn Biden Center’s office was found to have around ten classified documents relating to Ukraine, Iran, and the UK by Biden’s personal lawyer before he closed the office in early November, just before the midterm elections. Upon finding the documents, the lawyer notified the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

But now there is a twist- more documents have been found in Biden’s garage at his home, next to his Corvette.

And he admitted it all to the media on Wednesday in a shocking display that proves Biden has no idea how to handle the documents:

Perhaps the ‘worlds most popular president’ should check out the National Archives website: How to handle classified documents.

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