Kari Lake Says Two Teams Can Play In a Rigged System-‘Gloves are off’

On Tuesday, Kari Lake made a statement to the press after a ruling about her election lawsuits had all come to a dead end. Lake spoke to the media with the backing of a group of concerned citizens who have been frustrated over what they see as a total lack of election integrity from the state of Arizona after two series of elections in 2020 and then in 2022 when Lake ran against Democrat Katie Hobbs.

Lake lost to Hobbs in Nov. 2022 after a number of brazenly problematic issues around ballots and state elections systems that, ironically, Hobbs was supposed to be protecting as -then- Secretary of State.

“We’ve proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that our elections were a mess. We’ve proved, with evidence, that chain of custody wasn’t followed, and that signature verification was a joke. The People of Arizona were disenfranchised, and they know it,” Lake told the media in frustration and then laid out some of her plans for moving forward.

An Arizona judge on Monday dismissed Lake’s challenge of her 2022 gubernatorial election loss against Democrat Katie Hobbs, Just the News reported. 

“We’re going to inundate them with so many mail in ballots, their heads are going to spin,” Lake said during her- post ruling- press conference that they are still going to continue to pursue taking her election case to the United States Supreme Court. 

Lake announced what she is calling a “ballot chasing program” which she says is funded and which she says she has volunteered for, and she also intends for her case to go to the US Supreme Court.

Talking about her motivations to run for AZ Governor, Lake said on Tuesday to the press:

“When I got into this, I got it because I wanted to root out the Corruption of the government, and we did everything right. People showed up in droves to vote, only to have the sacred vote trampled. So, we’re going to work to correct that,” she said, adding:

“We’re going to take the hard road, which is a divided road. So I’m going to show you what we’ve been up to. I’ve been working nonstop to together, and we are officially launching the largest, most extensive ballot-chasing operation in our state’s history and frankly possibly in American history,” Lake said, talking about the most recent decision against her in court to deny her complaint about how AZ elections shaped up in 2022.

“The courts just ruled that this corrupt election will stay up. The courts just ruled that our elections can run lawlessly. The courts have ruled that anything goes. We can play by the same rules. If anything goes for them, then anything goes for us, and we are going to start chasing those ballots as you’ve never seen. I’ve got an army of moms, and dads, and citizen’s behind me who are ready to chase ballots because if it’s just a ballot that matters, then we can chase them too,” she said.

“We’ve got to work in this rigged and corrupt system, and we can do it. We will not allow them to steal another election. We want our government back right now. We have people sitting in these offices and our government who are not duly elected. So we have got millions of dollars to manage. We have thousands of volunteers who are dedicated to this, we are better than the left at doing everything. We know we have better candidates; they put for people who can’t even string a few words together. They put forth people who aren’t even healthy enough to hold office. They can’t even put forward people who are mentally healthy enough to hold office because they can’t find good people who actually will push the garbage that they want out there,” Lake said in reaction to Monday’s ruling.


Lake was met with hostility and aggression from one reporter, and she responded with a rebuke about his patriotism for the system we once believed we had to protect American voters:


“Half a million Republicans let ballots sit on their tables through Election Day. We’re not going to let that happen anymore. We’re going to get out the vote and out vote the fraud. http://Savearizonafund.com, ” Lake said, pointing people to her election integrity website for more information.

Lake reminded people that she is not giving up the legal fights she may still have available to her.

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