Kari Lake Wins Signature Verification Fight- Gets Nod to Keep Going

Kari Lake has said since the strange election for Governor in Arizona was called in favor of Katie Hobbs, that signature verification on ballots was a problem, telling people that information is based on Whistleblower’s eyewitness accounts of ballots being pushed through and counted after elections workers had tagged the very same ballots as problematic.

Lake and her team finally are seeing some positive movement in her challenge that goes back to the very first days of her complaint, as a high court pushed one issue back to a lower court.

“HUGE: AZ Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Kari Lake, Forces Lower Court to Look at Signature Verification Issues,” Lake wrote on Twitter.

According to the Associated Press, the highest court in the state declined to hear a majority of Lake’s election integrity appeal but confirmed that the lower court should revisit the signature verification procedures in Maricopa County.

Per their report, the claims surrounding evidence of problematic signature verification processes will be sent back to the trial court.

She continued, “Now, the AZ Supreme Court has ruled that the very fraud I highlighted has to be looked at. This is big, folks. Hit me with your best shot. I will never, ever back down. Try me.”

As previously reported by Frontline America, Maricopa County, Arizona, was plagued by reports of rampant election problems on Election Day in November 2022, resulting in a reported 59 percent of voting machine failure and widespread voter disenfranchisement.

AZ Central reported more details about the update:

Arizona’s top court has declined to hear Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s challenge to her election loss, but kept the case alive by sending one of Lake’s claims back to a county judge to review.

Lake asked the Arizona Supreme Court to consider her case after a Maricopa County judge and state appeals court rejected her claims that she was the rightful governor or that a new election should take place.

The former television news anchor made seven legal claims in her case, six of which the state’s top court said were properly dismissed by lower courts, according to an opinion released Wednesday written by Chief Justice Robert Brutinel.

Those included claims that tens of thousands of ballots were “injected” into the election, which Lake called an “undisputed fact” in her lawsuit, as well as alleging that problems with tabulation machines disenfranchised “thousands” of voters.

Lake’s claim invokes a section of Arizona law that requires signatures on early ballot envelopes be checked against the signature already in a voter’s file, and sets the process and timeline for verifying, or “curing,” a ballot if the signature doesn’t appear to match. She claimed Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer’s office accepted “a material number” of ballots with unmatched signatures last year.

The media is trying to hide that Lake has an amazing opportunity, and she is still in this fight. And her push is likely to change other elections as well:

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