Mayorkas Helps Panama’s Poor get Dependent on US, as CCP and Panama Celebrate Huge Economic Growth

This week as Real America’s Voice correspondents Ben Bergquam and Oscar El Blue Ramirez investigated the causes for the massive human migration from Panama, through the Darien Gap, over the open border of the United States. and into the country that would become a new home for many new US government dependents.

Massive migration is expected to be a devastating blow to the US Economy, which is already suffering from a multipronged attack of economic hardships caused intentionally by the Democrat administration of Joe Biden. Still, the moves are also for the purpose of helping clear the way for massive economic growth in areas where the Chinese Communist Party has taken new leadership roles.

The country of Panama, under the ownership of the CCP, is about to grow much richer while many of Panama’s poorest people will be dependent on the United States government. So if you like that idea- thank a Democrat voter.

To understand what is happening in Panama’s economy, it is essential to understand that, according to reports, “the area was one of the hardest hit in the region by the COVID-19 pandemic, contracting by 17.9 percent in 2020, furthering its vulnerability to Chinese advances. For China, Panama’s position—both as an international commercial and banking hub and a logistical choke point due to its geographic positioning—gives it strategic importance. At the same time, the new administration of President Joe Biden in the United States has created incentives for an increasingly self-confident China to push the limits of its global position, as illustrated by China’s aggressive stance toward the U.S. during the first U.S.-China summit in Anchorage, Alaska in March 2021.”

It is important to know that rebuilding Panama and helping the CCP is a willing partnership for the Democrat Biden administration, which is focusing on the economic growth of the enemies of the United States.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was in Panama on Tuesday and admitted he was there to expand access to America by appeasing foreign leaders who wanted to transplant the victims of their failed economic disasters into a different country for us to take care of.

South China Morning Post- reported on the anticipated devastating blow to the United States from a series of Democrat-caused conflicts- including massive welfare spending for all of the millions of new dependent people to support and the very unhealthy growth expected from a decimated country:

China’s annual economic growth will be around 4 percent from 2024 to 2029, compared with 1.9 percent in the US, according to the report, which projects what the global economy will look like through 2075.”

But that wasn’t a concern for the Biden administration while they visited Panama this week. Mayorkas reported he is hopeful of significant economic growth on Tuesday, just not for the US:

Mayorkas posted that he had two leaders who would be working together to drive poor people from their homelands in Panama, enticing them into the United States with promises of free things on our dime while our nation goes broke.

Janaina Gob, who is mentioned in Mayorka’s tweet, is the Foreign Minister of Panama. She retweeted the following post and appeared to be meeting with the American delegation and business leaders. She was excited about the economic growth of the country and the bright new future they had there, as many people were fleeing the United States as migrants who hadn’t gotten the message of hope for their own country’s future:

“He @BancoMundial has announced that our country will have the best economic growth in Latin America and the Caribbean by 2023, with 5.7%. It is also estimated that the performance of Panama will be solid in the future, with the growth of 5.8% and 5.9% in the next 2 years,” Gob posted.

And, of course, Mayorkas posted that he was merely interested in the area to “save lives” from criminal gangs by expanding the superhighway he was overseeing and bringing the people into the United States.

Independent media has a different way of seeing things.

“Secretary Mayorkas is here in Darien, Panama, destroying the USA and badly damaging Panama. Expanding the invasion camps, ” Yon reported, adding:

“China is slowly taking Panama.”

“US Delegation Expanding US invasion camps has landed in Darien. In front of me. Secretary of Homeland Security, Mayorkas, is here,” Michael Yon, an investigative journalist, reported on his Twitter account, where he had posted footage of Cargo ships, full, moving through the area of Panama:

Bergquam reported similarly in his recent video of the area that Mayorkas was in the area and working on what Bergquam had seen as an overflow in the migrant camps, even with busses running around the clock to transport people:

As Americans are slowly starting to come to the realization that China has positioned itself very well to beat the United States of America, displace us, and even to dominate our nation, Democrats are seen in all of the crucial positions to help our top enemies weaken us, while elevating the Chinese Communist Party:

Bergquam and Yon Understand the events and people of the Darien Gap are crucial to understanding the invasion of the United States of America:

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