Mike Pence Speaks to Lukewarm Audience, Resentment Hung in the Air

Former Vice President Mike Pence spoke to a packed house at the Pray Vote Stand event in Washington DC, on Friday afternoon. The crowd, who had been on their feet earlier in the day at the mention of President Donald J., Trump, showed polite support of Pence as he ran through all of the talking points that he knew the Christian gathering would want to hear. Still, the crowd was not all that impressed.

Notably, Pence started saying, “When I am President,” and by the end of his speech, he started saying, “If I am honored enough to be your President.”

The twenty-minute speech hung in the air with an uncomfortable hostility, and at the end of the speech, the attendees stood on their feet without clapping. Which numerous audience members noticed and felt awkward about.

Some attendees had said they believed Pence would get booed, but that didn’t happen.

The crowd was very deflated, however.

Footage of a very disinterested audience and their lukewarm reception:



Politico reported that Pence has gone after Trump at the event:

Former Vice President Mike Pence on Friday attacked fellow GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and other opponents as insufficiently committed to the anti-abortion cause, telling reporters that his former running mate is weaker on the issue than he is.

“Unfortunately, the former president and, frankly, others in this race, are trying to marginalize the cause of life,” Pence said during a gaggle with reporters after addressing the Family Research Council’s annual Pray, Vote, Stand conference in Washington, D.C. “The fact that the former president has not only refused to endorse a 15-week national law that would ban or limit abortion after a child was able to experience pain, but also the fact that he actually blamed election losses in 2022 on us overturning Roe v. Wade — that sends a signal to pro-life Americans about the priority he’ll put on the cause of life should you return him to the White House.”

The gathering will release the results of their straw poll for the President on Saturday. If the reaction Pence got from the audience is any indication of how people voted- Pence will come in dead last.

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