[War Room Digest] 2024 Battle will be: Neo Marxist Revolt V. American Cussedness

Bannon made his case in these three days that the political establishment is getting very unsettled at the idea of losing in 2024 to President Trump – and that the power of the “awakened American” who is brave enough to face their own normalcy bias and accept that our government institutions have failed us- is what is going to save the American Republic.

In footage of corporate media during the Cold Opens, it is clear that Trump’s opposition is elevating the calls to stop Trump and Trump’s supporters by any means necessary and to hold on to their power and control.

The good news is that because of the War Room, the Populist movement is organized better than the left.

Deconstructing the administrative state, which is responsible for creating tyranny in the US using digital minds and AI and corrupt policies and media smears, is the focus of the War Room action.

Bannon’s guests are uniting to hit back in those rugged areas the admin state controls right now, with powerful political organizing tools that have not been seen on our side before.

These are epic times in the US. Populism is rising because of the disasters created by the government.

“The left has lost the battle of ideas, and if they can not control it, they destroy it, Mark Paoletta, Sr. Fellow from Center for Renewing American, said in the first hour of Wednesday’s show about the damage the out-of-control government has caused to the American Republic.

The guests on these three days each came into the War Room armed- with valuable tools linked below for dissemination. War Room viewers need to use the tools.

As Bannon said, the War Room viewers and the MAGA movement don’t have the funding or the media power that the administrative state has- however, Bannon told his audience they do have something important to have to use as a tool of their own- to fight for our Republic back, and that is what he called “American Cussedness.”

It is Cussedness that Bannon wants to see in the American people push back on the forces who have united with each other to make excuses for their treasonous acts from positions of trust- so they can grab power and destroy the American Republic.

The mission in front of the War Room is to stop them from abusing the public trust and the tax based. So if you listen closely to what Bannon says, you will hear the plan emerging- and it is a multipronged attack.

If you have cussedness- that is.

Definitions of cussedness. Meanspirited disagreeable contrariness. Synonyms: orneriness. Type of: contrariness, perverseness, perversity. Deliberate and stubborn disobedience and resistance to guidance or discipline.

Here we go, my ‘cussed’ patriots; let’s annoy the establishment:

This digest is fan-generated from content found on Bannon’s War Room Rumble Channel. For official coverage of the War Room, the Aps, articles, and shows by dates- and Merch- go to WarRoom.org.


This clip does a great job of summarizing the fight ahead. “This is a disruptive age, and it is urgent,” Bannon said, describing what is being planned for the years before by the people on Bannon’s “side of the football,” as he calls the people who are going to be engaged with the War Room and their action plan going forward.

All three day’s shows were excellent on Monday, Tues, and Wed. But, if you only have 14 mins- watch this- and get ready for battle with this:

These are essential links to click on to understand the foundations of these three days shown below.


Economist article First Hour Monday

Dave Bratt’s Economic Chart First Hour Monday

Book of Revelation First Hour Monday

Chris Rufo Tweet Second Hour Monday

@PeoplesPundit Richard Baris Rust Belt Polling Second Hour Monday

Harvard Harris Poll talked about the Second hour on Monday

Cincanatus from the plow Bannon talked about ‘Trump as Cincanatus’ in the second hour of Tuesday


Phone AP by Grace Chong: Bill Blaster

Presidential Transition Team Training by Heritage: Project 25 Discussed Mon

Book by Kash Patel: Government Gangsters Discussed Monday

Polling by Richard Baris: MAGA Coalition was Discussed on Tues, and Rust Belt was discussed on Monday

Movie about Clarence Thomas: Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words Discussed by Wed.

Twitter Thread: Marco Polo pictorial directories of Government Civil Servants Discussed by Garrett Ziegler Wed.

Study on Vaccines: Research in the Public Interest – discussed by Dr. Malone Wed.


Stop sending money to Ukraine

Massive deportation of illegal

New J6 Commission and Public Hearings and adjudicate

New Elections Commission- the Fed- Insurrection and Public Hearings set up with Democrat [Monday 1:07]

Understanding the Economy

No more CRs- Bannon says

How to get the US House involved with the Senate power grab over SCOTUS; see footage with Mark Paoetta

Need momentum on Impeachment and hearings on COVID


Economist Dave Bratt Monday talked about the Debt and Janet Yellen

Pollster Richard Baris Monday talked about polling for President Trump

CEO CloutHub Naomi Wolf talked about a book-long smear about her

Mark Paoletta from the Center for Renewing America talked about how the US Senate is being used against Supreme Court justices

Whistleblower Brian Costello spoke about the connections between the attacks on SCOTUS and the CCP

Editor of Marco Polo Garrett Ziegler talked about the pictorial directories of the administrative state

Bioethicist Dr. Robert Malone talked about a tweet he made about 17 million deaths from vaccine

Turning Point Founder Charlie Kirk spoke about his upcoming event, AMFEST PROMO CODE: WAR ROOM


“Trump gave us four years of prosperity, then we got hit by a bioweapon, and now we have the Neo Marxist revolt of our elite.” (Monday 1st hour)

“Trump’s campaign is about Peace and Prosperity. When America is strong, prosperous, and free, the rest of the world has a shot.” (Monday 1st hour)

“Financial crisis leading to an economic crisis ” (Mondy 1st hour)

“We will have to have an adult conversation about spending or become like Argentina. Not one penny of the debt will ever be paid off,” Bannon (Mondy 1st hour – talking to Dave Bratt)

“I want people to focus on embracing how the bedrock of the nation is now being called the most dangerous element on earth,” Bannon said. (Mondy 2nd hour)

“Our Elites are not thinking of future generations who are guilty of the worst crimes of treason in our nation.” Monday Second hour.

“Everyone needs a bailout, and they have to come to you, and it is driving them crazy, and they hate you.” Tuesday First Hour.

“It is what Trump did and what he accomplished that they can not beat.” Tuesday Second Hour.

Here is a quick and dirty summary for SHOWS 11/20-11/23. They are each fantastic. We are lucky to have Bannon as our modern-day “Sam Adams.” Watch them all if you can- links are above- at Rumble. And chronicled here at WarRoom.org


Ep 3189 and 3190

Opening footage from NBC, MSNBC, and Trump speeches exposed the messaging that Biden is safe and “fit” and Trump is unsafe- but opening footage showed that Biden is dangerous and Trump is safe and reckless.

Footage of Argentina election results

Bannon brought up the Economist article and the CR. “We must unite not to spend one more penny in Ukraine. We have a two Trillion deficit and no way to close the gap there.

Bannon talked about the massive debt that Democrats are accumulating the difference between the neo-Marxist revolt and the MAGA team that has American cussedness.

GUEST Dave Bratt talked about his chart, which he first showed Bannon on Friday, and made his MONEY SHOT:

“Can you really make a moral argument to have free trade with a surveillance state like the Chinese Communist Party?” Bratt asked.

“The Fed has to go,” Bratt said too.

“All the left-wing groups who have been pushing propaganda are going to come to the surface and that is why MAGA is essential to save this country,” Bannon said.

Jan 6th and Polling were topics brought up.

Bannon soft rant on the Economist article and what it means for the bedrock of the American Republic- top of the second hour. 1:02

Founders were always looking downrange. 1:05

Bratt Chart about income

GUEST Richard Baris with Rust Belt Polling for Trump that shows the election for 2024 is like 2016, but Trump is more assertive in Rust Belt. “Do you agree that 2024 will be decided in Rust Belt? Bannon asked.

Baris agreed.


GUEST: Naomi Wolf talked about COVID research and a book that was written to smear her

Transcript of Steve’s closing comments.


Ep. 3191 and 3192

Bannon advanced the ideas from Monday and gave a lot of complexity to the battlelines against the MAGA movement and how Trump is seen as a likely winner, so people understand the need for urgency to be involved and get active in the pushback against the Neo Marxist revolt.

Opening footage about the world’s most potent capitalists dining with the world’s most dangerous capitals

Footage of NYC Mayor talking about funding problems- which are due to illegal invasion

Yellen is talking about what she is doing.

Bannon talked about the reason the tension and anger are building from DC is the organizing power of the MAGA movement. Much of that comes from the War Room.

A compilation of media are coordinating to call Trump a danger and fascist. Bannon talked about why the hatred has been growing for the MAGA movement and how vital the MAGA movement is to fight it.

Bannon talked about the Neo-Liberal Con game.

Footage from the media calling Trump unsafe and dangerous.

Here is the signal: 36:00 Bannon said: “They can not beat Trump, and polls show Trump is up. Tuesday’s show was all to explain to voters why the media is coordinating against Trump and his supporters.”

Laid groundwork for looming cancel culture- that will happen to American supporters of Trump.

52:00 Biden Impeachment and Jan 6th

54:00 Great rant.

1:09 Mike Lindell talked about new reports on elections

1:23 Bannon spoke about the difference between the candidates running now and Trump: “President Trump came in with a set of policies, talked about them in speeches, and showed that at the dinner he served to the National Guard. He has tons of policies in these appearances that he wants to be executed. It is essential to listen to him.”

1:27 Great discussion about who will make up the Trump administration, “He is going to pick fighters,” Bannon said.




Bannon said that the purpose of Trump’s second term is to return America to its greatness.”


Ep. 3193 and 3194

Opening footage was the announcement of the death of John F. Kennedy- and remarks by Bannon about the 60th memorial of the death that still has not been discussed in seriousness.

Bannon slammed the government’s reports about his death, calling it a “clown show,” and then talked about who Democrat Joe Biden was visiting with.

Morning show footage about the economy, Morning Joe talking about young people falling behind and not being able to rent a house, let alone buy one.

“Morning Joe sounds like the War Room saying young people are nothing more than Russian surfs,” Bannon said, talking about the destruction of Neo-Liberal policies that have made this mess through the Unipary.

Trump has to run on Peace and Prosperity. Young people understand that. The balance sheet will have a significant impact.

GUEST– Mark Paoletta from the Center for Renewing America appeared on the show to talk about the attacks on the US Supreme Court and the attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas,

Bannon talked about the connection to David Rubenstein, head of the Carlisle group, who Bannon said is “a private equity group- making money on government relations, including the CCP.”

Paoletta talked about the battle unfolding in DC between Rubenstien’s group and Republicans on the Hill.

“This is a warning shot, and we can play this harder,” Bannon said about the court’s makeup and finding good justices.

GUEST: Brian Costello talked about the connections between Rubenstiens and the CCP

Costello and Bannon had a meaningful discussion about the real purpose of TIK TOK, owned by the CCP, to message young voters clips from the debate to discredit President Trump.

35:00 Bannon talked more about TikTok and the connections to the CCP, how it is used, and why it is essential to understand that Neil Shien, who Costello is focused on, is CPP. “When Trump wins, all these groups will be stripped,” Bannon said.

Costello talked more about TikTok and the connections to Biden. Costello brought in Gavin Newsome. Costello talked about the evidence he has from his business connections.

GUEST Garrett Ziegler talked about a new project he was working on- a directory of FBI and IRS agents involved in trying to take down President Trump and MAGA. “They want us to live in tyranny, and they do not want us to know who the tyranny is,” ZIelgler said, calling the civil servants he is uncovering “a mafia,” adding that they need to be brought to account.

“This is a great start to deconstruct the administrative state,” Bannon said about MarcoPolo501c3.org.

“By the spring, we will have gone through every agency, and we will know,” Ziegler added.

47:00 Bannon talked about the threats of violence MAGA faces and how it relates to the violence that is happening to other politicians around the world.

GUEST Mike Lindell talked about the importance of new changes in election law and why it is essential to understand elections in Argentina.

Bannon turned his focus back on young people and why they need to understand economics and how it impacts them.

GUEST Dr. Malone talked about 17 Million excess deaths and a tweet he made destroying trust in the vaccines.

Bannon explained that the focus on vaccines was to show the reason for distrusting the institutions we used to trust.

1:18 Malone and Bannon talked about political hearings on COVID and a needed criminal referral on Tony Fauci. Malone said yes- “We are there; we have enough information to do that now,” but people were hesitant to look because they were afraid of what they might find.

1:25 Bannon talked about the importance of impeachment hearings and hearings on COVID: “People in authority want to look the other way, and we can not let that happen; they do not have a sense of urgency.” Bannon said, adding that the work is neither solid nor fast enough.

GUEST Joe Allen talked to Bannon about AI, and Bannon pushed the fact that the most irresponsible people on earth control AI, and they hate MAGA. So the warning is right there- and the urgency is needed on this spot. He continued his blistering comments about Elon Musk for being connected to the CCP.

“Humanity, you are the clock now. How can we pull this back, and they have unlimited money on their AI,” Bannon said.

GUEST Charlie Kirk talked about the Turning Point event, the action plans that would rolled out from the events, and what is planned for the future to combat the opposition to Trump.

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