One Month After Border Visit and Slamming Biden, NC House Speaker Gets Lawfared with Bizzare ‘Sex Case’

Exactly one month after visiting the Southern border of the US and slamming the actions of Democrat Joe Biden, North Carolina Speaker of the House, Rep. Tim Moore gets named in a lawsuit by a man, over his claims that his ex-wife lost affection for him and he believes the loss of interest from his – now- ex-wife- is Moore’s fault.

Moore is known to his opponents as “MAGA” Tim Moore and it looks like they have created quite a story to discredit him and his support of President Trump and over his advocacy for a secure national border:

Media reports show Scott Lassiter, a Republican who other party members have identified as a Never Trumper, says Moore had a secret affair with his wife that lasted for more than three years and resulted in the “destruction” of his marriage.

Moore denies the accusation, describing the lawsuit as “baseless” and saying he and his attorneys “will vigorously defend this action and pursue all available legal remedies,” the Carolina Journal reported.

“Lassiter is claiming alienation of affection and alleging damages in excess of $25,000, which is the threshold to go to Superior Court. Lassiter is seeking total damages from Moore and an unnamed man of at least $200,000.

Jamie Liles Lassiter, Scott’s wife, said she had been separated from her husband for years and said he was lying about the claims.

“Scott Lassiter has serious mental health and substance abuse issues, which I can only assume led him to file this outrageous and defamatory suit,” she told WRAL. “The claims are not only false but impossible as we’ve been separated with a signed separation document for years.”

Jamie Liles Lassiter is a public notary and the executive director of the North Carolina Conference of Clerks of Superior Court. She previously worked as a grants specialist for the Governor’s Crime Commission, a research adviser to the office of the N.C. House speaker pro tem, and a deputy clerk of the Superior Court for the N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts.

She said her husband abused her and threatened her career.

“To be clear, I’m a strong professional woman, and the only person who has ever abused me or threatened my career was my soon to be ex-husband,” Jamie Liles Lassiter’s statement read. “Our marriage was a nightmare, and since I left him it has gotten worse. We are reaching the end of our divorce process, and this is how he’s lashing out.”

Here is Moore at the Border in May, talking about the dangers of an open border and slamming the Biden administration:

Here is the Carolina Journal’s coverage of the statements from the woman whose husband is accusing Moore of having an affair with his wife:

UPDATE: Moore did speak with the media on Tuesday- and admitted an affair, with the caveat that he was divorced and she was legally separated:

Of course, it is no coincidence that the lawsuit is filed two weeks after the Never Trumpers, who have been targeting Moore for years, lost in their bid to control the Republican party after a fight at the state convention for chairman, when President Trump’s candidate, Michael Whaltley won.

We covered that story here:

It also is no surprise that the weird lawfare attack on Moore comes just months after the Republicans secured a Supermajority in the state General Assembly allowing them to bypass Democrat Roy Cooper’s veto- and legislate past the Communist-linked governor after eight years of terror.

The Never Trumpers want to go back to Cooper’s reign and have been openly attacking and threatening all Conservative-Populists in the General Assembly with threats of lawfare and making them the center of media hoaxes- to scare them into obedience.

While the state has gone to Trump twice, there is a raging battle in the state for control of the general assembly and the Republican party by forces who want to keep their grip on the growing state.

Independents are the leading political force in the state, and the voters in 2022 handed a massive amount of power to the America First Conservative-Populist proponents like Moore.

While one Democrat had to cross sides to give the Republicans the Veto proof of power they needed, changing parties, the Never Trumpers, along with the Democrats, have thrown a massive tantrum with the shift of power.

Cooper continues to veto bills, However as long as Republicans keep their supermajority, Cooper will be overridden:

The General Assembly is quickly passing bills of major concern for the North Carolina people, but the politicos- who used to run the NCGOP and who have lost power are miserable, so it is questionable what this weird case is really about.

According to social media posts of well-funded Never Trump activists, the Uniparty of Never Trumpers and Leftists want those Republicans back under control by any means necessary and have devised a number of media hoxes, lawfare attempts and general shame campaigns to try to knock some Republicans out of their seats.

This is how politics works in North Carolina for anyone who is opposed to the Never Trumpers and the Marxist left- they end up a target of cancel culture and lawfare these days.

The list of allies and their Soviet-style tactics of control are epic and this lawsuit against Moore appears to be right along the lines of psyops.

Listen to how the left is framing this messed-up lawsuit:

“A new lawsuit filed by former Apex City Councilman Scott Riley Lassiter claims that North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore had an affair with Lassiter’s wife, “despite knowing that she was married to Plaintiff.” In addition to the alleged affair with Lassiter’s wife, the lawsuit also says that Moore “engaged in group sex with other people seeking political favor.” North Carolina is one of only a few states that allows people to sue their spouse’s extramarital partners under an “alienation of affection“ statute. After he learned of the alleged affair, Scott Lassiter said he set up surveillance on Jamie on December 21, 2022, which confirmed his belief that she and Moore were engaged in the experience, the lawsuit says.

Does anyone else notice it’s always the FAMILY VALUES Republicans with the BIGGEST skeletons in their closets?”

Does that sound familiar like something Crossfire Hurricane would cook up?

The ex-wife said in a statement to the court that she lost affection for her husband because he was abusive to her, tried to destroy her career, and that he suffered from substance abuse. Yet- the uni party is applying the #13 rule for radicals that Saul Alinksy taught them:

  1. “Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.”
  2. “Never go outside the expertise of your people.”
  3. “Whenever possible go outside the expertise of the enemy.”
  4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”
  5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.”
  6. “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”
  7. “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.”
  8. “Keep the pressure on.”
  9. “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”
  10. “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.”
  11. “If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside; this is based on the principle that every positive has its negative.”
  12. “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.”
  13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Nevertheless, the political world of leftists and Never Trumpers reveled in the opportunity to have a shame campaign against Speaker Moore, who says that he is innocent of the charges- and that is how fast these political people in NC have lost all respect for due process and civil liberties.

2024 is going to be a brutal year on the campaign. Even let leaning WRAL notices that the case is very bizarre in their update about the situation:

HERE is more of our coverage of NC’s Lt. Gov Mark Robinson, who is a candidate for Governor, speaking with Ben Bergquam at the NC GOP Convention this month about the Tyranny that is on our shores:

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