OVER 82 Million Views! Yet Jason Miller, Banned From FOX News ‘Spin Room’

The campaign war over the 2024 general election is reaching full conflict this week, with dueling appearances on Wednesday night. One Fox News appearance was for the GOP candidates who all want to win the Republican primary and move ahead to challenge the Democrats for President. One appearance was for Tucker Carlson and Donald J. Trump man who is over 40 points ahead of the others, having a sit-down interview.

On Wednesday, America was divided by loyalties to Trump or his Republican Primary challengers. Trump and Carlson drew a crowd of over. 75 Million viewers by 9:45 ET, and the numbers were still building; by 11:00 there were 82 Million votes:

However, Fox, who decides who is essential for the debate process by how many people support them, denied Trump’s campaign staffers and top consultants from participating in their debate analysis, according to numerous sources, including Larry Elder, who was denied access to the debates because Fox News said he doesn’t attack enough viewers for them to care about him:

Here is how one media report described the situation:

A document spotted on a table near the entrance to the Republican debate “spin room” at Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee instructs security to be on the lookout for a number of individuals, including members of former President Donald Trump’s staff, who are barred from entry.

The document, which was pictured by NBC News reporter Dasha Burns, lists Trump staffers Jason Miller, Justin Caparole, and Danny Tiso as being barred from the debate. Members of the Larry Elder campaign and individuals holding a Vivek Ramaswamy “1776 moment” pass are also listed on the no-entry list.

The document was complete with photos of Miller, Caparole, and Tiso and instructed staff to not answer any questions from the press. “If you see something, say something,” read bold print instructions pertaining to the blacklisted individuals.

‼️This was on the security table near the metal detectors at the entrance to the debate spin room.

Jason Miller, Justin Caparole and Danny Tiso — all three Trump staffers — are specifically listed as being barred from the debate.

— Dasha Burns (@DashaBurns) August 23, 2023

The Trump campaign had applied earlier in the week to have a number of surrogates — including Kari Lake, Donald Trump Jr. and others — attend the debate. These requests were denied by Fox News, who is hosting the debate.

As for the former president, he instead opted to sit down for an exclusive interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson at his Bedminster golf course in New Jersey. The interview is set to air at 8:55 ET on X, presenting a massive ratings conflict for the debate, which is scheduled to begin just five minutes before the debates.

The Hill reported on the scandal with the GOP counting system for participation:

Republican presidential candidates Perry Johnson and Larry Elder announced Tuesday they are suing the Republican National Committee (RNC) for not allowing them on the stage at the upcoming primary debate.

“I said from the beginning that it appeared the rules of the game were rigged, little did we know just how rigged it is,” Elder posted on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. “For some reason, the establishment leaders at the RNC are afraid of having my voice on the debate stage.”

Elder, who previously staged a failed run for California governor in a recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) in 2021, said he met all the requirements set by the RNC to participate in Wednesday’s debate in Milwaukee, yet it informed him he was not eligible to participate. He said the committee only informed him after sending in his qualification package for the debate that polls from a specific polling company he used in it weren’t valid.

Miller didn’t seem too fazed by the blow-off:

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