Prayers with Hispanic Supporters: President Trump Meets Friends at Famous Bakery after Court Appearance

President Donald J. Trump looked relaxed and happy as he joined his supporters on Tuesday in Miami.

“Fresh off a not-guilty plea, President Trump makes an unscheduled stop at a restaurant in Little Havana and buys lunch for everyone,” one supporter of Trump’s posted, on Tuesday, which is the day before Trump’s 77th birthday, the crowd thanked him and sang Happy Birthday to him.

Here is a series of tweets and video clips from President Donald J. Trump’s visit to a bakery with some friends after his Tuesday court appearance, posted by his long-time sidekick Jason Miller:

Trump arrives:

Trump is greeted warmly by his supporters once inside:

More photos:

Trump signs hats and talks to his friends and joins them in prayer:

The media coverage:

Another view:

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