Primer on Global War for Americans, why we need a National Divorce from all Communists

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) floating its spy balloon over the United States has caused an awakening about the dangerous threats we face as a nation. Now more than ever people are coming back alive to hear that the United States is likely headed toward war with the Chinese Communist Party.

If you only have 5 mins to devote to WHY we need to ditch the CCP.. watch below as economist David Bratt, former US Rep for Virginia, talks about the number one reason for some distance. Bratt says that the Marxist left are messing up our economics, and we need to make better choices about who influences us – so that our people have reason to get out of bed in the morning.

It is that simple.

Due to the alliances, the CCP has with the Marxist left, Democrats, and RINOS in making public policy to destroy our American dreams- we know from China’s own history that we will have an increased struggle- at home- that will impact every single citizen if the war escalates.

Leftist-CCP-inspired policies have emasculated, debased, marginalized and depressed the heck out of the American people, and something needs to be done to save generations of Americans:

The WW2 and Vietnam combat generations did their best to keep the Communists out of America, however, they failed because they didn’t completely understand the use of sociopathic useful idiots, free Americans, who would greedily decimate our political system and give very evil people access to America’s most treasured institutions- for weaponizing purposes.

The Democrats and Marxists have designed public policies, on purpose, to destroy American strength by destroying institutions like our medical and educational centers, banking and other economic centers, news and entertainment media- and so much more- our national trust in our leadership and justice system.

Here is why we need to restore the Juedo-Christian foundations, so we can to lead again:

We know from experience, we can not lead with our government full of greedy and self-centered Marxists, who design economic policies that harm people, and cause great misery for humanity, rather than help people.

The left has been given decades of chances to lead people in the right way- and they have failed completely.

Instead of governing with the preservation of liberty in mind, people like John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama and so many more have fed a shadow government of Non-government organizations (NGOs) and nonprofits, and they have extinguished our justice system- to push a foreign ideology upon the American people which has almost destroyed the Amerian Spirit.

Few outliers exist to defend the historic liberty this nation was gifted to us. Humiliating Cancel Culture tactics used on Americans now to keep people under government domination is pure tyranny and the same as any third-world experience.

Everywhere we look, the enemies of freedom have won great battles over American sovereignty and individual rights.

While all Americans could be prosperous and wealthy, after decades of these assaults, we have an out-of-control epidemic of unskilled, uneducated, emotionally unstable, physically ill, and apathetic citizenry watching the Communists steal more of our manufacturing, jobs, education and our well-being- and they are doing it with the assistance of Federal, State and local government- thanks to usurpers like George Soros and other financiers who are solely interested in their own power-grabs over a country rich in natural resources and infrastructure.

And there seems like there is nothing we can do to stop them because our elections have been destroyed as well.

Doesn’t this sound like a war has been waged on the American people?

China, the CCP, is a sworn enemy of the American people, who declared war against us many years ago, and the Democrats and RINOS have just refused to take them seriously, as they have focused on destroying America for their own reasons- from within.

The Marxist left has had its own social justice war against the citizens with various radical campaigns to debase the proud American Spirit of self-government. The Democrat left has adopted the tactics of CCP leaders to use against the American people.

However, there is still hope.

There are people in positions of power who are talking about what needs to be done to prepare for the inevitable time of when Americans get it together to strike back.

We need a national divorce from China- right now.

We need to decouple, which means:

“To separate, disengage, or dissociate. To make the interaction between (electrical components) so weak that there is little transfer of energy between them, especially to remove unwanted common power supply”.

They have menaced us and influenced our lawmakers long enough.

For a comprehensive look at the threats we face from China- visit The Heritage Foundation.

The rise of China is the most persistent and consequential challenge that will confront the United States for the next several decades. Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, China served as an irresponsible global actor that threatened American interests and values world-wide.”- The Heritage Foundation

Reasons to decouple from China in every way possible are being discussed:

Where to get reliable information on events as they unfold between the United States and China/Ukraine/Global Conflicts:

War Room guests have been a leading source of reliable information on the details of what sort of war the US is headed towards, with experience and understanding of the possible military strategy as well as the domestic threats:


The following news sources have first-hand information from vetted sources. Get their ap, follow their hosts, and subscribe to their social media.

Bannon’s WarRoom

Real America’s Voice

Human Events

Turning Point


Republic Brief

There are others.

Remarks to consider about how the Republicans in DC can make some changes right now:

US Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FLA) talked to War Room host Steve Bannon about how he plans to use the US House committee power to root out some CCP evil:

Why Democrats out of control spending on Ukraine is something to pay attention to:

Evidence that we are headed toward war:

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