Red Arrow Diner: Strong Support for Trump Amidst Concerns Over Nikki Haley’s Loyalty and China Connections

Ben Bergquam visited the Red Arrows Diner in New Hampshire on Monday. He appeared on the War Room with Steve Bannon to discuss people’s opinions on President Donald Trump and Nikki Haley, ahead of a critical primary vote there in a battle for 22 New Hampshire delegates that are up for grabs.

Kari Lake posted some details about what is unfolding in the state:

The patrons whom Bergquam talked to expressed support for Trump, citing reasons such as his non-political background, business acumen, and belief that he can bring the country back to greatness. There were also mentions of concerns about Nikki Haley’s loyalty and alleged connections to China.

Rudy Giuliani appeared, expressing his views on the current political landscape and legal issues faced by Trump. The coverage emphasizes the shift towards populist nationalism among voters in New Hampshire and the broader dissatisfaction with establishment politicians. The conversation includes discussions on fundraising efforts, the economy, and concerns about the justice system. Throughout the coverage, there is a prevailing sentiment of support for Trump and skepticism towards Nikki Haley.

Check it out:

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