RETALIATION: Rudy Forced to Surrender

Attorney Rudy Giuliani, the mastermind behind bringing the mobsters down during the 1980’s Pizza Connection trial, has been forced to surrender to Democrats, in Fulton Co., Georgia, for defending President Donald J. Trump and the American people and is likely experiencing intimidation for talking about similar RICO charges against the Biden Crime family.

SO the powers in charge have apparently punished Giuliani for doing what they have actually done- and that is where Justice stands in America right now.

“This isn’t the America we learned about in civics class, where truth and justice prevail. We live under a two-tiered justice system, which means we have no justice at all. America is at a crossroads. Will we choose liberty, or will we continue to capitulate to a bloated government?” Giuliani posted on his Twitter timeline in reference to Wednesday’s surrender at a Fulton Co. Courthouse.

Giuliani has been charged- likely touching the ‘fourth rail” with talk like this:

And now he has been arrested. That is interesting for a free society.

Yet, Giuliani told media today that he “feels good” about continuing his legacy of “protecting America” and also taking a few moments to remind Americans that the brutal and cruel force behind taking down Trump and Giuliani is really aimed at the men, women and children of America who refuse to obey the demands of the political elite who want more Global Communist policies.

What we see happening with the weaponized lawfare against the proponents of the Populist-Nationalist battles with the Administrative State has everything to do with power and control over liberty and civil rights.

And the battle has been escalated for sure.

Check out Giuliani’s comments:

Here is how CNN covered the details of the most brazen, third world, weaponization of the US Judicial system than the world has ever seen:

Rudy Giuliani is traveling to Georgia on Wednesday where he will surrender at the Fulton County jail in the criminal 2020 election subversion case.

In remarks ahead of his travel, Giuliani told CNN he is headed to Fulton County to “comply with the law.”

Giuliani will become the latest of the 19 charged in the scheme to allegedly subvert the 2020 election results in Georgia to be booked. But unlike other defendants, he plans to negotiate bond and turn himself all in the same day, sources told CNN, adding that Giuliani wants to complete the process before Trump arrives on Thursday.

Former President Donald Trump, who has agreed to a $200,000 bond, is expected to travel to Georgia for his surrender Thursday evening, sources familiar with plans tell CNN.

Trump will leave his Bedminster golf club in in the afternoon, and return to New Jersey following his surrender. There are no expected events at his club upon his return. Trump’s team has also been making arrangements for him to speak to reporters traveling with him in Georgia, the sources said, though the former president may ultimately choose not to do so.

Several other Trump co-defendants in the Georgia election subversion case are expected to surrender Wednesday at Fulton County jail, multiple sources tell CNN.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has charged Trump and 18 others of participating in schemes to meddle with Georgia’s election results. All 19 co-defendants are expected to surrender ahead of a Friday deadline set by Willis when she unveiled last week’s sweeping indictment over attempts to overturn Trump’s 2020 election loss to Joe Biden.

Willis continues to meet with the defendants and negotiate terms of a bond agreement.

CNN previously reported that Giuliani was set to meet with Willis Wednesday to discuss a bond agreement, according to multiple sources, and was expected to travel to Georgia with former New York police commissioner Bernie Kerik, who has been working with Giuliani to help him find a Georgia lawyer to represent him in this case, according to one of those sources.

Giuliani is expected to have a lawyer with a Georgia license to represent him during the bond negotiations, according to a source. It is unclear if that attorney would represent him throughout the case.

Two defendants surrendered overnight, but as of Wednesday morning, only four of the former president’s 18 co-defendants have been booked.

Giuliana continues to have the best interest of American’s in mind:

And that is clearly why he is being punished.

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