Update: Ron Filipkowski Spreading Misinformation About War Room, Refuses to Retract when Proved Wrong

It is very important to Ron Filipkowski that people tell the truth, you know, being an Attorney and former prosecutor and an Editor of a media site and all. He is an earnest person- and a Marine, too, according to his BIO.

Editor’s note: by 9:45 EST, Mr. Filipkowski’s account appears to have deleted the X (or tweet) in question. We don’t have any further information about what happened. If there is more information, we will post it.

Well, then, Filipkowski always wants to be honest and trustworthy to the American public; that much is clear.

Except, apparently, when he is talking about the very popular action-filled War Room? Is that what we are looking at? Situational ethics and morals?

It depends on who he is talking about- to know if he is telling the truth. He wasn’t telling the truth today.

According to Maureen Bannon, the CEO of the WarRoom Program, Ron is not telling the truth in a post from Jan. 4th, about a school shooting that happened on the same day.

Likely is not just a slip-up either, considering how much damage the left did to the Popular Info Wars program, with the narrative that Alex Jones denied a school shooting. So lets take a deeper dive into the details here.

Bannon busted Filipkowski, for accusing the WarRoom of posting some content that many people would react to in a negative way about a school shooting.

Check this out:

And check this out.. here are Ron’s bonafides and how you know he is serious about the truth:

Which makes it a super curious thing to ask- why he would be ok with passing off lie about the super high profile show, the War Room with host Steve Bannon?

Frontline America reached out to Filipkowski and asked for a comment. Fililkowski did not answer.

It is unclear if Ron retracted to the War Room- he didn’t respond to our request. If Ron answers, we will update this article.

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