Running Man News: Look Around-“It’s Coming, Food Shortages Will Be Here”

“It’s coming- it’s by design- it is all connected,” Bergquam said while running along a wooden path on Thursday.

Bergquam is an investigative journalist and host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, made a quick video about what he describes from his reporting as “an invasion”.

“From the invasion on our border to the destruction of our energy sector to having an idiot like Buttigeg run our supply chain,” he said, giving evidence of the many news stories on the national and global stage that point to a coming food shortage.

“Be prepared, it’s coming. If you can’t grow it or raise it you need to buy it before you can’t. It’s all by design. There are evil forces at work that want to see your family and this nation fall. Every patriot needs to be ready!,” Bergquam posted reminders to our viewers to get prepared and visit

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